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Real Estate revenue optimized through data analysis.
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HelloData is an AI tool that applies computer vision and AI to real-time market data in the real estate industry. The tool aims to help users analyze the competition, maximize revenue, and optimize multifamily performance.

It goes beyond revenue management by analyzing competitors daily to assist users in achieving success in any market. HelloData offers several products to support real estate professionals and PropTech companies.

Their "RentSource" tool automates multifamily rent surveys by collecting data on approximately 800k properties daily, including rent, availability, fees, and concessions.

Users receive weekly updates on competing properties. Their "LiquidRent" product is an intuitive revenue management system that integrates with any property management software.

It provides property owners and managers with optimal rent level recommendations. "QualityScore" is another product offered by HelloData. It utilizes computer vision algorithms to analyze interior and exterior property photos.

This analysis objectively quantifies the condition and quality of single-family homes and apartments. HelloData prides itself on offering intuitive interfaces and APIs that are easy to integrate with existing products and workflows.

They aim to provide valuable insights from real estate imagery and unstructured datasets to help users improve operations and maximize revenue. Overall, HelloData is a powerful AI tool in the real estate industry that utilizes computer vision and AI to provide data-driven insights, automate rent surveys, and optimize revenue management for multifamily properties.


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Mar 20, 2024
- Seemless onboarding of new properties - Data updated daily - Unlimited searches - Automatic comparables identification - Price Recommendations

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Pros and Cons


Real-time market data analysis
Competitor analysis features
Revenue optimization for multifamily
Daily competitor analysis
Multiple real estate products
Data on 800k properties
Automated multifamily rent surveys
Weekly updates on competitors
Integration with property management software
Optimal rent level recommendations
Interior and exterior property analysis
Condition and quality quantifying
Intuitive interfaces and APIs
Integration with existing products/workflows
RentSource for data collection
LiquidRent revenue management system
QualityScore for photo analysis
Useful for real estate professionals
Useful for PropTech companies
Insight from unstructured datasets
Insight from real estate imagery
Large data set handling
Advanced security measures
Data encryption and masking
GDPR and CCPA compliance
Single API key for all products
Real estate data engineering services
Real estate data science services
Web scraping projects
Predictive algorithms available


Limited to US properties
Updates only once weekly
Potentially inaccurate computer vision
Limited integration with property softwares
No real-time data updates
Privacy concerns over image analysis
No dedicated customer support
Requires technical knowledge for APIs
Potential GDPR/CCPA compliance issues
Involves complex setup for products


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