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Multilingual video dubbing and translation
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Hellohola is an app designed for dubbing and lipsync. It allows users to translate their videos using their natural voices. The app employs AI technology to translate speech into the user's chosen language while maintaining their unique speaking style.

It also synchronizes the lip movements of the user with the translated audio, resulting in an authentic video translation.The app caters to content creators, influencers, and businesses looking to scale their content creation businesses globally.

By translating videos into different languages, users can reach a wider audience and expand their viewership. Hellohola aims to impress friends, family, and colleagues as users effortlessly speak new languages like natives.One notable feature of Hellohola is its straightforward pricing model.

There are no subscription plans; instead, users pay per video translated. The cost per video ranges from $4.99 for a single video to $39.99 for ten videos, with discounted rates available for multiple translations.Using Hellohola is a simple process that involves three steps.

Users record their video message within the app, select the target language, and securely pay for the translation. The app's AI technology then translates the user's spoken words while preserving their speaking style.

Users can preview the translated video and easily share it on social media platforms to amaze their friends, family, and colleagues.Hellohola is available for download on iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

The app is designed for a global audience and offers privacy options, data removal, and adheres to guidelines and terms & conditions. Developed in Paris, Hellohola is an innovative tool created by Gary and Alexandre in 2023.


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