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Discover Without Being Discovered - Research Privately with HelpMoji
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HelpMoji is a privacy-focused research platform designed to safeguard your online product searches from trackers and advertisers. In today’s digital age, nearly all our online activities are tracked and monitored by various companies. Search engines and advertising companies use algorithms to track product search data, which is then used to target users with specific ads. This practice can lead to privacy concerns, as it often involves extensive data collection that includes browsing history, search queries, and personal preferences. For individuals concerned about their digital privacy, this pervasive tracking is alarming and undesirable. HelpMoji ensures that when you're looking to purchase items or research products online, your activity won't follow you across the web with targeted ads.

1. **Private Searching**: A robust search engine that does not track IP addresses, search history, or use tracking cookies. Users can research freely, knowing their activities aren’t being monitored or logged.

2. **Ad-Free Experience**: The platform is free from ads, ensuring users can focus on their research without distraction and without worry that ad placements are influencing search results.

3. **Straightforward Comparison Tools**: A feature-rich comparison utility allows users to juxtapose products side-by-side based on features, prices, reviews, and more without any biases or hidden advertisement.

4. **Search Customization**: Unlike conventional search engines, HelpMoji offers filter and customization options that are purely based on user preference with no underlying agenda.

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HelpMoji was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Game-specific guidance
Custom-built chatbots
Swift bot creation process
Game-specific resource utilization
User-added resource integration
Real-time gaming assistance
Community sharing
Multilingual support
Free access
Personalized co-pilots
Chat with co-pilots created by others
Translation supports 30 languages
Web-based tool
ChatGPT-like chatbots
Automatic selection of best resources
Opportunity to add your resources
Trains bots using selected resources
Supports various video games
Option to chat with shared chatbots
Co-pilots improve chances of winning
Creates copilots in 3 minutes
Resource ingestion for bot training
Allows user registration
Encourages community creation
Accessible on multiple devices
Gaming co-pilots for multiple games
Increases winning chances
In-game tailored assistance
Training data selection
Pulls data from multiple sources
Can ingest user-provided resources
Automated web search for resources
Fast co-pilot training process
Can share co-pilots with friends


Lacks privacy features
May give inaccurate advice
Wikis may be unreliable
Dependent on external resources
Limited game knowledge bases
Depends on user-created content
No offline availability
No data security details
No customer support information


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Can I add my own resources when building a gaming co-pilot with HelpMoji?
Can I chat with co-pilots created by other HelpMoji users?
Is HelpMoji multilingual?
How many languages does HelpMoji support?
Is HelpMoji free to use?
How long does it take to train my co-pilot with HelpMoji?
What games does HelpMoji support?
Does HelpMoji increase my chances of winning?
How does HelpMoji enhance the gaming experience?
Can I share my HelpMoji co-pilot with others?
Does HelpMoji use ChatGPT-like chatbots?
What kind of resources does HelpMoji use to build my co-pilot?
Can I use HelpMoji for real-time gaming assistance?
How can I start using HelpMoji?
Can HelpMoji translate gaming guidance?

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