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Apple device virtual assistant: Personalized.
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DATA is a personalized prompt framework and shortcut suite that allows users to replace Siri with ChatGPT on their Apple devices. It works as a layer of prompts that enhances the functionality of existing AI models, enabling AI agent behavior without the need for multiple subscriptions.

DATA operates privately on the user's phone, utilizing Shortcuts, a native Apple app, to interact with language models like ChatGPT and GPT-4. With DATA, users can personalize AI to their own needs while keeping their information and AI memories securely encrypted by iCloud and stored on their Apple devices.

The tool aims to provide a more friendly and familiar user experience compared to Siri and ChatGPT. Upon setup, DATA gets to know the user, and their memories can be easily edited or deleted as text files on the phone.By purchasing a shortcuts subscription, users can enjoy 24/7 personalized customer support, regular updates, and new features from DATA and its creator.

The shortcuts are open source and customizable, allowing for easy sharing amongst users. Shortcuts can be installed by making a request on the website and choosing a subscription level.Additionally, the website generates public guides on how to use DATA, which can be further customized and formatted into beautiful Notion pages.

These guides cost $1.90 due to the utilization of GPT-4-32k. The website and shortcuts are separate to provide users with transparency and control over their AI interactions.

The shortcuts run on the user's device, ensuring the privacy of their data and preventing AI companies from training new models based on their requests.


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