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Chatbot providing emotional support to users.
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Hey Mike is an AI-based tool that simulates human interaction to provide emotional support to people. The tool is designed with the sole purpose of being available for users in need of a conversation, making use of the GPT-3 AI model by OpenAI.

Hey Mike offers three pricing plans, each one with a varying number of messages per month and a message-retention time limit. The basic plan allows up to 5000 messages per month, and messages older than a month are deleted.

The premium plan offers 7000 messages per month, with messages older than two months deleted, and the premium+ plan permits up to 10,000 messages monthly, with messages older than six months deleted.

Hey Mike's Beta is a web application that uses cookies to enhance users' experience while navigating on its platform.Hey Mike's tool is beneficial for users who may need emotional support or someone to talk to, and by simulating conversation, it can provide a safe space for users to express themselves and discuss their concerns without any judgment.

The tool is intuitive and user-friendly, streamlining the process of finding emotional support with a simple "just say Hey Mike" prompt. Hey Mike's tool provides a unique experience, combining human-like interaction with AI technology to create an emotional connection that users can rely on.

Hey Mike was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Different pricing plans
Message-retention time limit
5000-10000 messages per month
Web application
Uses cookies for enhancement
Provides emotional support
Simulates human conversation
User-friendly interface
Simple usage prompt
Secure space for expression


Limited message retention
Uses cookies
Pricing plans restriction
No active learning
Doesn't improve over time
Limited monthly messages
Old messages auto-deleted
No offline use
Web application only
No personalized experience


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What is the beta version of Hey Mike?
What's the purpose of cookies in Hey Mike?
How user-friendly is Hey Mike to use?
How do I start a conversation with Hey Mike?
What makes the interaction with Hey Mike unique?
How can I rely on Hey Mike for emotional support?
Can I try out Hey Mike for free?
What is the GPT-3 model used in Hey Mike?
What happens after my free trial with Hey Mike ends?
Does Hey Mike delete my messages after a certain time?
How do I subscribe to Hey Mike?
Can I converse unlimitedly on Hey Mike?
Is Hey Mike a mobile application or a web application?

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