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Automated lead qualification & appointment scheduling.
Generated by ChatGPT is a tool that helps businesses streamline and automate lead qualification and scheduling processes. It enables users to create a virtual assistant, called Libby, which engages with leads, qualifies them, and schedules appointments on the user's calendar.

Users have the option to customize Libby's appearance and conversation style to align with their brand, and can easily share Libby by embedding it on their website or through personalized links.

With, users can gather necessary information from their customers, and once leads meet specific criteria, they are able to book a meeting directly on the user's calendar.

The tool also offers lead management capabilities, including email and text notifications for new leads, the ability to view lead summaries, and centralize lead management in one place.

Users can search, sort, and add notes to effectively manage their leads. Additionally, integrates with various existing tools, such as Google Sheets, Salesforce, HoneyBook, and many others, allowing users to seamlessly transfer leads to their preferred CRM or lead handling process. emphasizes privacy, highlighting that they and their partners store and/or access information on devices with user consent. They mention the importance of privacy in their terms of use and provide options to refuse consent or access more detailed privacy information.

Overall, aims to enhance lead management efficiency and customer engagement by offering a customizable virtual assistant and seamless integration with existing lead management tools.


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Pros and Cons


Automated lead qualification
Appointment scheduling assistance
Creates virtual assistant
Customizable assistant appearance
Customizable conversation style
Can be embedded on website
Shareable through personalized links
Direct meeting booking
Lead management capabilities
Email notifications for new leads
Text notifications for new leads
View lead summaries
Centralized lead management
Search and sort leads
Notes addition to leads
Integrates with Google Sheets
Integrates with Salesforce
Integrates with HoneyBook
Integrates with other CRM tools
Emphasizes user privacy
Consent-based data collection
Refuse consent option
Detailed privacy information
Object to data processing right
Preference change at any time
Login via Google


Limited customization for Libby
Lack of advanced search
No multi-language support
No advanced analytics
Reliance on third-party integrations
Doesn't support all CRMs
Not mobile optimized
Owner notification only via email or text
No phone support
Terms of Use can allow data processing without consent


What is
How does automate lead qualification?
Can I customize the virtual assistant, Libby, on
How does Libby interact with leads?
What types of notifications can send me for new leads?
How does manage leads?
What tools does integrate with?
How are lead appointments scheduled on
How does handle my privacy?
Can leads book a meeting directly on my calendar with
Where can I share or embed Libby from
How do I refine the leads that are qualified by Libby on
Can I add notes to the leads on
How can help me engage my customers better?
What options do I have for the look of Libby on
Can transfer leads to my CRM?
What lead information can I gather using
How does help streamline the lead qualification process?
Can I search and sort leads on
How does ensure consent for storing/accessing information?

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