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Advanced tech creates logos & marketing graphics.
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Hidden: Logo is an AI platform that offers a range of tools to create visually stunning marketing materials, specifically logos and marketing graphics, that reflect a brand's unique identity.

The platform offers a logo generator that users can try out for free. Hidden: Logo provides different package options to cater to various needs. The basic package includes 40 images, 5 bundles, and a resolution of 512PX.

The standard package offers 80 images, 10 bundles, and a resolution of 768PX, while the premium package includes 160 images, 20 bundles, and a resolution of 1024PX.

There is also a limited-time deal of $4.99 for the basic package. The platform highlights the benefits of using AI-generated logos, including the ability to create custom logos, zoom backgrounds, conference posters, and LinkedIn cover images.

Hidden: Logo also showcases physical products that can be created using the generated logos, emphasizing the potential for creating buzz and effectively marketing a brand.

Testimonials from satisfied customers praise the service for its ability to produce unique and eye-catching logos that make brands stand out. Users have also found success using the logos as Zoom backgrounds, LinkedIn cover photos, and printed posters, garnering attention and generating interest.

Hidden: Logo provides various support options, including FAQs, a blog, and a help center. The company can be contacted through their social media channels or by email.


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Hidden Logo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 30th 2023.
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