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Web platform for crafting persuasive sales videos
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Hify is a tool that enables users to create visually appealing sales videos directly from their web browser. It is specifically designed to support lead generation, prospecting, sales training, and demos.

With Hify, users can focus on closing deals while the tool takes care of the rest by automating various processes.One of the standout features of Hify is its ability to establish a personal connection with potential clients through the use of videos.

It emphasizes the importance of this approach, highlighting that it cannot be stressed enough. The tool offers a range of templates to choose from, allowing users to personalize their sales pitches.Hify positions itself as a tool that goes beyond what other similar tools offer.

While it does not explicitly mention the distinct advantages, it implies superiority by stating that users should not settle for less and by suggesting that Hify is "better than other tools." However, it does not go into specific details regarding the unique aspects that set it apart from competitors.Overall, Hify is a convenient tool for creating sales videos conveniently within a web browser, with a specific focus on lead generation and sales-related activities.

It empowers users to deliver persuasive sales pitches through personalized templates, enabling them to enhance their sales process.


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Hify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Web-based platform
Lead generation support
Automated video creation
Prospecting tool
Sales training aid
Demographics focused
Personalized templates
Specialized sales videos
Focus on selling
Stress-free usage
Wide variety of templates
Superior to counterparts
Designed for selling
Suit for enterprise
Supports personal connection
Zapier integration
API availability
Help desk support
Flexible pricing


No explicit unique features
Unclear product superiority
Predictably templated pitches
Uncertain browser compatibility
Underutilized API and Zapier integration
No customization beyond templates
No disclosed video editing functions
No video analytics tools
Lack of transparent pricing
No mentioned direct social media integration


What is Hify?
What type of content can I create with Hify?
Does Hify offer templates for video creation?
How can Hify help with lead generation?
What is the process to make a video on Hify?
Can I use Hify for sales training?
How does Hify help in prospecting?
What makes Hify different from other video messaging tools?
What level of personalization does Hify offer?
Does Hify have any automation features?
Can Hify integrate with other platforms like Zapier?
What support channels does Hify offer?
Can I create demo videos using Hify?
What are the pricing options for Hify?
Is there a possibility to use Hify at an enterprise level?
How is the privacy of my data ensured with Hify?
Does Hify have an API?
Does Hify offer options for CTA in videos?
Can I use Hify directly from my browser without any downloads?
What browsers support Hify?

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