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Search engine for healthcare research data.
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Statpearls Semantic Search is an AI tool that uses a semantic search method to search through data by asking questions or providing a phrase, which is different from traditional keyword search.

The tool is useful for finding information that users don't know the exact words for, or for finding information that is related to their search. The data source for this application is statpearls, which was downloaded in accordance with the usage policy via FTP.

The tool is developed by Hippocratic AI and made with Streamlit. The tool may be useful for researchers, students, and professionals who need to quickly and accurately find relevant information on a particular topic.

This tool's semantic search capabilities can save users time and effort compared to traditional keyword searches.


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Hippocratic AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Semantic search capabilities
Helps identify related information
Statpearls as data source
Streamlit development platform
Ideal for researchers and students
Helpful for healthcare professionals
Saves time over keyword search
User-friendly interface
Finds information without exact words
Allows search by question
Results quantity selector
FTP data download compliance
Enables JavaScript
Eases information discovery
Multipurpose search application
Performs phrase-based search
Versatile than keyword search
Good for complex inquiries
Direct Twitter link


Limited to Statpearls data
Requires JavaScript enabled
Lack of customization options
No mobile version
Potentially complex for beginners
No multi-language support
Relies on question-phrase input
No advanced search filters


What is the Hippocratic AI's Semantic Search tool?
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Is the Hippocratic AI's Semantic Search tool intended for a specific user demographic?
What are some potential applications for the Semantic Search tool developed by Hippocratic AI?
How can Hippocratic AI's Semantic Search tool save researchers time?
Why might the Semantic Search tool be better than regular search methods for accurate information retrieval in healthcare research?
How do I specify how many search results I want with the Hippocratic AI's Semantic Search tool?
What do I need to do to run the Semantic Search app by Hippocratic AI?
Can I find related information to my search query with the Semantic Search tool?
What is the usage policy for the data accessed with Hippocratic AI's Semantic Search tool?
What platform is the Hippocratic AI's Semantic Search tool developed on?
Can I use a phrase instead of a question for my search in the Hippocratic AI's Semantic Search tool?
How can students and professionals alike benefit from the Semantic Search tool by Hippocratic AI?
How is the downloaded data from Statpearls used in the Semantic Search tool?
What is the purpose of Semantic Search method in Hippocratic AI's tool?
Does Hippocratic AI's Semantic Search only function on JavaScript-enabled apps?
Can the Semantic Search tool assist in finding information for which I do not know the exact keywords?


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