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Prepares interviews and sorts job apps.
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Hirable is an all-in-one career platform that helps jobseekers through their career journey, from exploring new job roles to preparing for interviews. With Hirable, users can write job-specific resumes and cover letters within seconds using the platform’s GPT-powered writer.

Jobseekers can also optimize their documents to increase their chances of getting past the ATS scan and onto their potential employer's desk. The platform allows you to save drafts, adjust your tone, add keywords and more to put your best foot forward with every application.

Hirable provides users with tools to stay organized and on top of job applications. Users can easily store all their application documents, add personal notes, and save relevant interview questions for each job they apply to.

The platform also offers actionable tips at each step of the application process.Preparing for interviews becomes easier with Hirable. The platform offers a collection of interview questions, and its GPT-powered assistant analyzes users' answers and provides feedback based on their experiences.

The platform is designed to help jobseekers feel confident and prepared for any interview by fine-tuning their responses and increasing their chances of landing their dream job.Hirable also helps jobseekers explore new roles and learn what it takes to succeed in those roles.

The platform provides insights into how well a role fits an individual’s values, personality traits, and previous experiences. Once you are ready, Hirable's AI writer will draft the role-specific resume to get you started on your new chapter.

Overall, Hirable is a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of resources to help jobseekers advance their careers, from exploring new roles to preparing for interviews to tracking applications.


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Jun 7, 2023
Love the product, really great for resumes and cover letters. Looks like its being built actively too!

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Pros and Cons


GPT-powered writer
Optimizes documents for ATS
Allows saving drafts
Facilitates tone adjustment
Enables keyword addition
Helps stay organized
Document storage feature
Option for personal notes
Track job applications
Interview question collection
Feedback on interview answers
Insights into role fit
Resources for job exploration
Preparation for interviews
Clear job application tracking
Role-specific resume creation
Automated cover letter composition
Actionable application tips
Values-personality role fit evaluation
Post-application management
Facilitates career transitions


Beta version
No mobile app
Limited resume customization
No multi-language support
Unclear privacy policy
No offline access
No job search feature
No user community
No LinkedIn integration
Unclear data storage period

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