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Hiration is an advanced AI-powered career platform that provides a range of tools to advance the job search process. Foremost among its offerings is its online resume builder feature.

It enables users to create professional and job-specific resumes. The platform offers professional resume templates that are ATS friendly and keyword rich, thus increasing an applicant's chances of standing out to potential employers.

The AI also scores resumes against industry best practices, assisting in the refinement of user-generated content. Further tools include a professional cover letter templates to ethos the user's professional brand.

Hiration also offers a LinkedIn profile review tool, aiming to improve users' online professional presence and increase their chances of being shortlisted for jobs.

A unique feature is the platform's interview preparation tool that suggests relevant interview questions and answers based on the user's resume and desired job role.

Overall, Hiration provides a comprehensive suite powered by AI technologies to support individuals in catching the attention of potential employers and securing their dream jobs.


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Pros and Cons


Advanced career platform
Online resume builder
Job-specific resume creation
ATS-friendly resume templates
Keyword-rich templates
Resume refinement assistance
Professional cover letter templates
LinkedIn profile review feature
Interview preparation tool
Job-role-specific interview questions
Comprehensive suite of tools
Supports job search process
Increases applicant visibility
Improves online professional presence
Specifically designed for tech jobs
State-of-the-art resume builder
LinkedIn profile optimization
Professional cover letter designs
Interview questions based on users resume
Resume themes for all needs
Provides live editing feature
User-friendly interface
Job match function
Skill gap identification
Provides industry best practice tips
In-depth insight to interviewers' perspective
Quick and efficient resume polishing tool
Affordable premium membership
Extensive theme options
Resume builder aids career boost
Provides job-specific CVs


No offline functionality
No free version available
Limited resume templates
Might not support non-standard job roles
No specific feedback on interview preparation tool
Limited LinkedIn profile review capabilities
Unclear keyword optimization effectiveness


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