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Match top devs w/ co's for streamlined hiring.
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Arc is an AI-powered remote jobs marketplace specifically designed for hiring software developers. The platform utilizes its AI tool, HireAI, to match companies with top remote developers at a rapid pace.

Companies can choose between hiring full-time or freelance developers. HireAI eliminates the need for manual screening and eliminates the time-consuming process of outreach and resume screening.

By implementing AI technology, Arc ensures that businesses can quickly identify the most suitable candidates from a global pool of over 250,000 developers.

This saves valuable time and resources by providing instant candidate matches.With HireAI, companies can identify top applicants without the need for extensive manual screening.

Hiring managers can focus on high-quality candidates rather than reviewing hundreds of resumes. As HireAI learns and adapts to the preferences of the company after every review, personalized results are generated for a better hiring experience.Arc boasts significant benefits for companies using the platform.

It enables them to save time by instantly finding the best match candidates, improve accuracy by automatically identifying relevant profiles, reduce bias by evaluating candidates with the same criteria, and enhance the candidate experience by streamlining the process.The platform has a proven track record, as over 800 companies have successfully hired developers through Arc.

It provides access to a diverse pool of engineers worldwide, covering a broad range of technical skills. By utilizing Arc, companies can efficiently and effectively hire top remote developers, leading to cost savings, time efficiency, and improved hiring outcomes.

Hire AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 28th 2023.
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    Pros and Cons


    Global developer pool
    Hire or freelance options
    Eliminates manual screening
    Saves time on hiring
    Personalized results
    Promotes impartial candidate evaluation
    Instant candidate matches
    Proven track record
    Broad technical skill range
    Cost-saving hiring process
    Time-efficient tool
    Improved hiring outcomes
    Vetted candidates
    Helps skip first-round interviews
    75% faster hiring
    58% cost savings
    Diverse developers from 190+ countries
    Experts covering 170+ technical skills
    Platform adapts to company
    Covering full-time and freelance
    Helps skip tedious searching
    Top 2% developers vetted


    Limited to software developers
    No physical meeting opportunity
    No pricing info upfront
    No manual search option
    Unspecified criteria for evaluation
    Potentially overlooked qualified profiles
    May favor larger companies
    Block for non-tech companies


    What is HireAI?
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    Does HireAI adapt to the preferences of the company after each review?
    What are the benefits of using HireAI?
    How many companies have successfully hired developers through HireAI?
    How does HireAI improve accuracy in hiring?
    Can HireAI help reduce bias in hiring process?
    How does HireAI enhance the candidate experience?
    Does HireAI provide access to diverse technical skills?
    How does HireAI facilitate cost savings and time efficiency?
    How fast can a company fill open roles using HireAI?
    What type of developers can a company hire using HireAI?
    Is there a trial period for using HireAI?
    Is HireAI suitable for hiring remote developers?
    Does HireAI provide verified skills and availability of candidates?
    Can the use of HireAI lead to cost savings in hiring?
    How does HireAI contribute to a better candidate experience?

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