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Tech job matching using skill-matching algorithms.
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hireBrain is a state-of-the-art, AI-driven platform created to match tech experts with Companies, Recruiters, and Services providers who are opening their services and job positions.

It uses skill-matching algorithms to connect open positions with a global talent pool and pre-vet candidates. hireBrain offers an array of features to streamline the job search and application process, such as CV builder and analysis assistance, job listing reviews and improvements, and relocation and visa assistance.

Additionally, recruiters are able to access a unique pool of tech candidates, build a hiring process that meets their specific needs, and benefit from the best of both worlds with a combination of AI and human support.

hireBrain's pricing plans offer a range of services for recruiters, candidates, and companies, including job post, branding, job list, smart link, job alert, talent sourcing, widgets, total views analytics, job analytics, application reports, assessments, visa applications, and relocation.

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Jun 2, 2023
Fails at first form, you can't enter a country. No way to contact them to tell them.

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Pros and Cons


Skill-matching algorithms
Access to global talent
Pre-vets candidates
CV builder feature
Job listing improvements
Relocation assistance
Visa assistance
Unique tech candidate pool
Flexible hiring process
Free sign up
Job post services
Branding services
Smart link feature
Job alert service
Talent sourcing feature
Widgets feature
Total views analytics
Job analytics
Application report feature
Assessments feature
Visa application service
Helps companies relocate employees
Services for recruiters, candidates, companies
Increases productivity on average
Improves job application process
Helps identify market value
Assists during hiring process
Job list feature
Personal assistance from team
Flexible pricing plans
Pre-analyzed job listings
Supports independent recruitment projects


No free trial for companies
Limited recruiter analytics
No iOS or Android app
Limited visa application support
No skill development feature
No direct messaging feature
No internal collaboration for recruiters
No categorization in job alerts
Limited job analytics
No customization for widgets


What is hireBrain?
How does hireBrain work?
Does hireBrain only cater to tech jobs?
What are the key features of hireBrain?
How does hireBrain's skill-matching algorithm work?
What kind of support does hireBrain offer to job seekers?
How can recruiters benefit from using hireBrain?
What makes hireBrain different from other job search platforms?
Does hireBrain offer visa and relocation assistance?
What are the pricing plans for hireBrain?
What support do they provide in building a hiring process?
What is the 'CV builder and analysis assistance' in hireBrain?
How does hireBrain's AI and human support work together?
What kind of analytics does hireBrain offer?
How does hireBrain pre-vet candidates?
What extra services or features does hireBrain provide with its premium plans?
How much is the Expert Hirer plan and what does it include?
Can you modify job listing and make improvements using hireBrain?
How does hireBrain help in boosting the productivity of the recruitment process?
Is it possible to run recruiting projects independently with hireBrain?

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