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Platform analyzing resumes for job search.
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The HN Resume to Jobs AI tool is designed to help job seekers find relevant job postings from Hacker News 'Who's Hiring' posts. Users can upload or copy-paste their resume onto the platform, and the AI algorithm then searches for job openings that most closely match their skills and experiences.

The search results are based on the latest 'Who's Hiring' posts, which are sorted by date and displayed on the website. The tool offers several advanced options for users to customize their search results, including a distance function that can be set to Max Inner Product, Cosine Distance, or Euclidean Distance.

Users can also apply filters to refine their search, with the best matches displayed first. The platform informs users if any relevant jobs are found, and allows them to apply for the positions directly from the website.

Overall, the HN Resume to Jobs AI tool aims to simplify and optimize the job search process for users by leveraging machine learning algorithms to match them with job openings that best suit their qualifications.


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Pros and Cons


Analyzes resumes for jobs
Customizable search results
Option for distance function
Allows job application directly
Matches based on qualifications
Latest job postings sorted
Advanced search options
Can upload or paste resume
Job openings closely matched
Option to apply filters
Best matches displayed first
Max Inner Product option
Cosine Distance option
Euclidean Distance option
PDF resume uploads supported
Jobs from Hacker News
Alerts for relevant jobs
Optimized job search process
Enhances job search speed
Tailored job search results


Limited to Hacker News jobs
Potentially limited data scope
No mobile application
Limited to resume based search
Only PDF resume uploads
No multi-language support
Limited advanced search options
Dependent on 'Who's Hiring' frequency
No saved search feature
No email job alerts


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How does HN Resume to Jobs analyze my resume?
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How are the job search results sorted on HN Resume to Jobs?
Can I customize my job search results on HN Resume to Jobs?
What are the advanced options available on HN Resume to Jobs?
What do the 'Max Inner Product', 'Cosine Distance', and 'Euclidean Distance' options on HN Resume to Jobs mean?
How can I refine my job search on HN Resume to Jobs?
Can I apply for jobs directly from HN Resume to Jobs?
What kind of alerts does HN Resume to Jobs send if matching jobs are found?
How does HN Resume to Jobs use AI for job searching?
How can HN Resume to Jobs help me find jobs most relevant to my resume?
How often is the 'Who's Hiring' post updated on HN Resume to Jobs?
How does the 'Best Matches First' feature work on HN Resume to Jobs?

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