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Generate unlimited home design ideas.
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HomeDesignsAI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to generate unlimited interior, exterior, and garden design ideas within seconds. With over 40 different design styles available, HomeDesignsAI can create new redesign ideas for any home interior or exterior.

Users simply upload a photo of their home, choose a mode, and select a design style. The tool then uses AI to generate new design ideas continuously. The tool is free to use, and users do not need to provide any credit card details.

HomeDesignsAI has been featured on several news channels such as FOX News, NCN, and Market Watch. The tool's latest feature allows users to redesign their patios, terraces, and gardens.

Users also have the option to select from diverse design styles such as Modern, Industrial, Moody Colors, Scandinavian, and more. HomeDesignsAI enables users to save both time and money and is easy to use.

Overall, HomeDesignsAI is a valuable tool that can assist users in generating creative redesign ideas for their landscapes, interiors, and exteriors, even without any prior design knowledge.


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Jul 7, 2023
It's not free
Jun 29, 2023
I recently had the opportunity to explore the incredible world of AI-powered renders using an exceptional app that left me utterly amazed. This remarkable application has revolutionized the way I envision creative projects, giving my ideas an extraordinary boost.
May 31, 2023
The application arbitrarily adds doors and windows, making the final design unusable. It also changes the view from the window. In the final you are looking at a completely different room than the one you are interested in redesigning.
May 30, 2023
very good AI tool, highly recommend
May 30, 2023
HomeDesigns AI is a game-changer in the home decor space. The software's intuitive interface made it easy to visualize my dream home in remarkable detail. Its machine learning prowess was evident in how it accommodated my style preferences. A remarkable blend of technology and creativity that’s a delight to use - it's my go-to tool for all my future design projects.
May 13, 2023
I couldn't generate any image at all!

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Pros and Cons


Unlimited design generation
40+ design styles
Landscapes, interiors, exteriors redesign
No prior design knowledge needed
Free to use
Tool requires no credit card
Featured on news channels
Redesign patios, terraces, gardens
Saves time and money
Allows photo upload
Easy-to-use interface
Works for interiors and exteriors
Works in less than 30 seconds
Efficient for construction or empty rooms
Generates color scheme and design elements
Furniture rearrangement in layout
Personal and professional usability
Instant home decoration visualisation
Ideal for real estate agencies
Efficiency for designers and decorators
Aids architects and home builders
Landscaper/gardener utility
Cost-effective solution
Web-based application
Suitable for personal and professional use
Generates design ideas instantly
Offers free plan
Provides support
Supports diverse room types
Allows customisations
Redesigns in high-quality
Fast rendering
Compatible with every device


Requires image to design
Limited to 40 styles
No direct API provided
Design results in seconds but no exact time
Requires manual customization for each design
Quality varies, no guarantee
Not open-source


What is HomeDesignsAI?
How does HomeDesignsAI work?
Does HomeDesignsAI require any credit card details?
Where can I upload my photo in HomeDesignsAI?
What design styles are offered by HomeDesignsAI?
Does HomeDesignsAI offer both interior and exterior design ideas?
Can HomeDesignsAI redesign gardens and patios?
How quickly does HomeDesignsAI generate design ideas?
Can I use HomeDesignsAI for free?
What benefits does the premium plan of HomeDesignsAI offer?
How is HomeDesignsAI helpful for professionals like interior designers and architects?
What is the quality of the images generated by HomeDesignsAI?
Can I save the designs generated by HomeDesignsAI?
Can HomeDesignsAI be used for redesigning commercial spaces?
Is HomeDesignsAI easy to use for those without prior design knowledge?
Does HomeDesignsAI support multiple design styles and modes?
Where can I find help or support for using HomeDesignsAI?
Is there a limit to how many design ideas I can generate with HomeDesignsAI?
Can HomeDesignsAI generate design ideas for rooms like the kitchen, study room, and living room?
Can I use HomeDesignsAI on different devices?

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