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Homeworkify is an educational tool aimed at providing unrestricted and cost-free access to knowledge. Primarily, it serves as an Q&A solutions search engine for various academic subjects.

The platform allows students to acquire answers to their homework questions instantly. It involves a straightforward process- users have to search their homework question on Google, copy the URL of the question, submit it on Homeworkify, and receive the answers.

The platform scans a multitude of free educational resources to provide solutions. Subject areas supported include but are not limited to Biology, various branches of Engineering, Business-related subjects such as Finance and Economics, and Mathematics ranging from Prealgebra to Precalculus.

Homeworkify operates with a non-profit approach, advocating that educational resources should be free for everyone and not behind a paywall. The viewpoint is predicated on the belief that access to knowledge is a fundamental human right, opposing any operation of Academic Help & Tutoring services which are viewed as restricting access to information.

Homeworkify is targeted towards students aiming for better academic performance by leveraging free, accessible knowledge.


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Pros and Cons


Free educational resources
Unrestricted knowledge access
Instant homework answers
Straightforward usage process
Multiple academic subjects supported
Scan of multiple resources
Non-profit approach
Opposes academic paywalls
Immediate solution search engine
Various Engineering branches included
Supports Business-related subjects
Wide Math subject range
Improves academic performance
Supports Biology subject
Accessible from any device
Online learning tool
Reviews availability
Direct link question submission
Knowledge-centered platform
Student focused tool


Complex query process
Scans only free resources
No direct tutoring available
No offline functionality
No mobile app
No question submission
No user profile/progress tracking
Dependent on other platforms
Limited subject areas


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How does Homeworkify fetch the academic solutions?
What level of Mathematics can I get help with on Homeworkify?
What is Homeworkify's stance on Academic Help & Tutoring services?
Who can benefit the most from using Homeworkify?
What is the source of the educational resources Homeworkify provides?
Is Homeworkify.st legal?
Can I search for biology-related academic solutions on Homeworkify?
Even though it is free, is Homeworkify reliable?
What does 'Homeworkify Mirror #1' mean?
Does Homeworkify support computer science among the engineering subjects?
Why is there a need to copy and submit question URL on Homeworkify?

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