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Get chat and message suggestions for online dating with AI.
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HotConvo is an AI tool designed to improve and personalise your online dating chats. It works by providing engaging chat suggestions based on your conversation style and the context of your interactions, helping you break the ice, maintain the flow of conversation, and establish meaningful connections.

Functionality includes the ability to upload screenshots of profiles and ongoing conversations from any dating app, which the AI then analyses to offer diverse chat suggestions.

Alternatively, users can manually enter text of interest for personalised recommendations. HotConvo does not aim to autocomplete your chats, but to provide witty and interesting suggestions that inspire your own messaging, thereby helping improve your overall conversation skills.

The tool assures security and privacy as any uploaded screenshots are not stored and no personal information is processed. Available across all major dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OkCupid, HotConvo caters to all genders and sexual orientations, offering a versatile solution for initiating conversation or revitalizing ongoing chats.

HotConvo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


No signup required
Doesn't store screenshots
Free of cost
Cross-platform compatibility
Personalised chat suggestions
Supports all genders/orientations
Multiple message suggestions per input
Upload screenshots for suggestion input
Manual text input also available
Does not autocomplete chats
App enhances conversation skills
Tools for initiating conversations
Help with ongoing conversations
Versatile conversation suggestions
Daily usage limitations
Improves overall dating game
Helps with chat challenges
Enhances user authenticity
Supports major dating apps
Safe and secure use
Interactive User Interface
Usable for all genders and orientations
Encourages personal message customization
Ideal for readjusting chat discussions
Improvement suggestions available via Email
Potential for general conversation improvement
Meets multiple personalization means


Daily usage limitations
No sign-up might limit personalisation
No auto-complete feature
Relies on screenshot uploads
Limited language style personalization
Note storage for data learning
No signup - less user control
No in-app dating platform integration
Monthly site submissions limit


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Does HotConvo work for all genders and sexual orientations?
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