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Analyzing user feedback for product development.
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Hubble is an in-product user research and feedback platform that enables companies to create world-class products by gathering high-quality contextual feedback from targeted users.

With Hubble, companies can collect in-product feedback through SDK, prototype concept testing and create qualitative research questions and build study templates through the use of ChatGPT by OpenAI.

It also allows companies to segment users based on their attributes and track results in real-time for summary analysis and create beautiful reports. Heat maps and video clips are also available for understanding customer flow.

Companies can also create customized, unmoderated studies to collect any type of product feedback from usability testing to feature satisfaction. All this is available in a user-friendly platform that makes product research 10x easier.


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Pros and Cons


In-product user research
High-quality contextual feedback
Feedback collection through SDK
Prototype concept testing
Enables qualitative research questions
User segmentation based on attributes
Real-time result tracking
Summary analysis with reports
Heat maps and video clips
Customized, unmoderated studies
Usability testing capability
Feature satisfaction feedback
User-friendly platform
Efficient product research
No need for survey emails
Interactive tests with Figma prototype
Contextual user feedback at scale
Aggregated data access
Collecting and comparing respondent metadata
Screen recording for live studies
Design concept validation
Design preference testing
Auto-generated reports
Ability to target users
Collaboration with cross-functional partners


High external panel recruitment costs
Requires SDK for feedback collection
No sync with traditional platforms
Lack of real-time interview support
Customization limited to studies


What is
How can I collect feedback through Hubble's SDK?
What is prototype concept testing in Hubble?
How does Hubble use ChatGPT by OpenAI?
What is the Hubble x ChatGPT feature and why is it useful?
How does Hubble help in segmenting users based on their attributes?
Can I track results in real-time with Hubble?
Is it possible to create reports using Hubble?
What are heat maps in Hubble and how can they be used?
Does Hubble provide video clips for understanding customer flow?
Can unmoderated studies be customized in Hubble?
How can Hubble help in collecting feedback related to feature satisfaction?
What type of feedback can Hubble collect from usability testing?
What are some sample scenarios where Hubble can be used?
Is it difficult to use Hubble for product research?
How is Hubble different from traditional user research platforms?
Can Hubble help me cut down on external panel recruitment costs?
How does Hubble ensure that it collects high quality feedback from real users?
What type of studies can be created using study templates in Hubble?
How does Hubble help in making product research easier?

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