Streamlining Feedback Management with AI.
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Hubble, powered by GenAI, is a feedback management tool designed to streamline and improve numerous business areas through the analysis of customer feedback.

The tool helps various industry sectors like retail, e-commerce, digital product development, healthcare, and telecommunications enhance their user experiences and optimize their service quality.

Hubble achieves this by identifying customer pain points through the collection of feedback from a wide variety of online sources, facilitating the tracking of customer satisfaction metrics (such as CSAT and NPS), and even aiding in new product development through effective customer feedback management.

Apart from these core features, Hubble also excels at gathering data from a myriad of sources like Twitter, AppStore, PlayStore, and G2, and it allows users to integrate their own data to augment their insights.

This AI tool provides GDPR-compliant data cleaning and transformation services to extract valuable insights from your data lake for strategic decision-making.

Using cutting-edge analytics, Hubble offers tailored strategies to improve performance and enhance customer satisfaction.


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Hubble was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Feedback management optimization
Multi-industry application
Customer pain point identification
Wide online data collection
Tracks CSAT and NPS
Aids in product development
Data gathering from multiple sources
Integration of own data
GDPR-compliant data cleaning
Data transformation services
Insight extraction for decision-making
Cutting-edge analytics
Tailored strategy suggestions
Performance improvement strategy
Customer satisfaction enhancement
Feedback driven product development
Support ticket efficient management
Data integration for intelligence boost
User persona based digital clones
Direct customer cohort engagement
Real-time data insights
Pattern and trend discovery
Unlocks actionable intelligence
Actionable insights for growth
Data-driven recommendations
Robust data storage
Comprehensive report generation


Limited data source integration
Aimed at larger industries
No multilingual support mentioned
Lack of API
Limited practical use-cases mentioned
No mobile app version
GDPR-compliance may limit data
No offline functionality mentioned
Limited personalization options


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How does Hubble collect feedback from customers?
What customer satisfaction metrics does Hubble track?
How can Hubble help in new product development?
What online sources does Hubble gather data from?
In what way does Hubble support user data integration?
Is Hubble GDPR compliant?
How does Hubble process and clean data for analysis?
What kind of analytics does Hubble use to provide strategies?
What's the use of AI in streamlining feedback management on Hubble?
How does Hubble contribute to optimizing user experiences?
How can Hubble enhance service quality in telecommunications?
What is the role of Hubble in retail and e-commerce?
What does Hubble's Data Alchemy Algorithm do?
In what ways can Hubble help to improve performance and customer satisfaction?
How does Hubble extract valuable insights from data for strategic decision-making?
How does Hubble achieve user-centric product development?
What are the advantages of Hubble in healthcare patient experience enhancement?
How can Hubble help in identifying customer pain points?
How does Hubble assist in measuring customer satisfaction?

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