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Analyzed science knowledge with Huberman's system.
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Huberman AI is an AI-powered tool designed to help users explore the wisdom of the Huberman Lab. It allows users to ask science or health related questions and get answers from AI, based on Huberman Lab episodes.

It also has a search feature that enables users to search through episodes for specific topics or protocols and get timestamped YouTube links. Additionally, users can submit their own questions and suggest future episodes.

Examples of questions include: ‘What's the healthiest morning routine?’; ‘How can I lose weight?’; ‘How can I build muscle?’; ‘Are blue blockers helpful?’; ‘Does melatonin improve sleep quality?’; and ‘How much magnesium should I take?’.

Huberman AI was created by Riley Tomasek and is not affiliated with the Huberman Lab.


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Huberman AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Health & science focus
User question submission
Future episode suggestions
Searchable episode feature
Timestamped YouTube links
Conversational Q&A style
Not affiliated restrictions
Creator transparency
Example questions provided
Accessible science wisdom
Open for adaptations


Limited to Huberman Lab topics
No medical professional oversight
Unaffiliated with Huberman Lab
No system for source verification
No live support features
Dependent on user question quality
No multi-language support
Lack of personalization features
Limited content update frequency
No mobile app support


What is Huberman AI?
How does Huberman AI use Huberman Lab's wisdom?
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What is the search feature in Huberman AI?
How does Huberman AI provide YouTube links?
Can I suggest future episodes to Huberman AI?
Who is the creator of Huberman AI?
Is Huberman AI affiliated with the Huberman Lab?
What are some example questions I can ask Huberman AI?
Does Huberman AI answer questions about specific diet protocols?
Can Huberman AI provide information about sleep quality?
Are health supplements one of the topics covered by Huberman AI?
How does Huberman AI process the questions submitted by users?
Can the Huberman AI give advice on muscle building?
Is Huberman AI's information solely based on Huberman Lab episodes?
How often is Huberman AI updated?
Can Huberman AI help with weight loss tips?
Can I use Huberman AI to learn about beneficial morning routines?
Does Huberman AI provide tips on specific nutrient intakes?
Can Huberman AI respond to questions about eye health and blue light blockers?


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