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Campaign Assistant is a free AI tool provided by HubSpot that helps marketers create various marketing assets such as landing pages, emails, and ad copy.

Users can provide key details about their marketing campaign, and the tool will generate relevant text for their preferred platform. The process is simple and efficient, saving users time and effort.To start using Campaign Assistant, users need to choose the type of asset they want to create first, whether it's a landing page, marketing email, or Google ad copy.

Then, they can provide information about their campaign and select a tone of voice that aligns with their brand.Once the necessary details are provided, Campaign Assistant uses AI to generate high-quality copy for the chosen asset.

The generated copy includes the campaign's selling points and desired call to action, making it effective and compelling.Users can easily copy and paste the generated copy into their desired marketing channel, streamlining the campaign creation process.

By utilizing AI and Campaign Assistant, marketers can save valuable time on copywriting and focus on the finer details that require a personal touch.Overall, Campaign Assistant enables marketers to supercharge their marketing campaigns by leveraging AI technology to create engaging and persuasive marketing assets in minutes.


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