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Personalized sales prospecting and outreach.
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Humanlinker is an advanced AI-guided tool designed to enhance sales interactions by enabling hyper-personalization at scale. The tool recently raised 2.5 million euros and acquired MyProfilia, and has launched a new chrome extension.

One of the key features of Humanlinker is its AI Generative Copywriting capability, which helps sales teams create personalized icebreakers for their outreach efforts.

These icebreakers are generated based on the DISC Personality Analysis, which provides insights into the inherent personality traits of prospects. This analysis helps sales professionals effectively communicate, build trust, and negotiate with potential clients.Humanlinker also offers 360° Account & People Intelligence, which allows sales teams to gain a deeper understanding of their target accounts and the individuals within these accounts.

This intelligence includes information from social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as podcasts, interviews, and articles.The tool integrates seamlessly with popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Salesloft, and Outreach, enabling sales teams to access and leverage their existing data and workflows.Humanlinker is intended for sales teams looking to optimize their prospecting and selling processes.

It provides powerful personalization keys that leverage information from various sources, helping sales professionals book more meetings and shorten the sales cycle.

The tool also assists in meeting preparation by providing AI-generated suggestions and recommendations, allowing sales reps to make a bigger impact in every meeting.Overall, Humanlinker empowers sales teams to personalize their interactions across all channels, resulting in improved sales outcomes and increased productivity.


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