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Use AI to hyper-personalize your cold emails.
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Hypera is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with email marketing by generating hyperpersonalized email introductions. The primary purpose of this tool is to enhance the personalization of cold emails, thereby aiming to improve click-through rates (CTR).

Hypera's technology employs AI to identify and understand specific content details of a YouTube channel URL, using this data to create tailored and engagement-boosting email intros for YouTube influencer outreach.

The tool is particularly useful for businesses looking to scale their influencer outreach strategies or enhance the effectiveness of cold email marketing.

The platform offers three pricing tiers: a basic plan for small businesses or first-time users, a premium plan for medium-sized businesses, and an enterprise package, the details of which can be requested directly from Hypera's team.

Individuals interested in testing the functionalities of Hypera can use the platforms demo feature.


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Hypera was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Hyperpersonalized email introductions
Boosts YouTube influencer outreach
Improves cold email effectiveness
Enhances CTR
Helps scale influencer strategies
Supports content understanding
Offers a demo feature
Three tier pricing plans
Tailors intros based on URL
Supports small to large businesses
Ability to generate numerous intros
Automation in email personalization


Limited to YouTube influencers
Unspecified enterprise package details
No free trial offered
No multi-language support
Limited to email introductions
No A/B testing feature
No integration with CRMs
Doesn't support other social platforms
Doesn't offer analytics feature
Pricey for small businesses


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How can I request details of Hypera's enterprise package?
How can I test Hypera's functionalities?
How does Hypera boost email engagement?
Is Hypera useful for cold email marketing?
How many intros can I generate with Hypera's basic plan?
How many intros can I generate with Hypera's premium plan?
Can I use Hypera to scale my influencer outreach strategies?
What is the process to use Hypera's demo feature?
Does Hypera provide any support for first-time users?
How does Hypera's AI understand specific content details of a YouTube channel?
Does Hypera offer any service to enhance the effectiveness of my marketing strategies?
Can Hypera automatically generate large numbers of email intros?

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