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Optimized workout routines for maximizing muscle gain.
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Hyperficient is an AI tool designed to optimize workout routines for maximum muscle gain in less time. It leverages its training on over 1000 scientific research papers to edit and refine workout routines, aligning them with the latest scientific findings.

By eliminating redundancy, suggesting exercise alternatives, and reordering exercises based on scientific principles, Hyperficient aims to refine the user's training strategy.The tool offers several features to enhance workout efficiency.

It provides an optimality score that indicates how closely a workout routine aligns with scientific recommendations. Users can expect to receive new workout programs with reordered exercises and exercise substitutions to improve their routine.

Additionally, Hyperficient provides a biomechanics overview, offering educational summaries of the scientific principles behind the program, and form videos and tips to optimize technique for each exercise.Hyperficient claims to have analyzed a significant number of scientific papers using AI and has achieved an average increase in optimality.

The tool also boasts an extensive exercise library to cater to different training preferences.To benefit from Hyperficient, users need to submit their workout program, which will then be optimized by the AI tool.

The Beta version is currently available for free, and users are encouraged to provide feedback.Overall, Hyperficient offers a science-driven approach to enhance workout efficiency by leveraging AI and scientific research, ultimately aiming to help users achieve their desired muscle gains while minimizing time spent in the gym.

Hypereficient was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 9th 2023.
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User Profile PictureJohn Smith
ยท Oct 17, 2023
Have learnt a lot from it โ€” UX is a bit basic but information is super super solid
User Profile Picturetom hales
ยท Sep 14, 2023
Great app! Amazing value โ€” like having a personal coach with 5 PHDs

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