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Create a professional ATS friendly resume with just a few clicks.
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HyreSnap is an AI-based resume builder designed to create professional, ATS-friendly resumes. It offers a variety of customizable templates, aiming to elevate the prospects of job seekers by enabling them to present their skills and experience effectively.

HyreSnap's AI feature reviews the resume against industry best practices, providing guidance and suggestions for improvement. Furthermore, it has a 'Job Match' feature that compares a user's resume with desired job descriptions to identify any missing skills or keywords.

This is contrasted with real-time compatibility scores for job listings, which are calculated based on the alignment of the user's skills and qualifications with the job requirements.

In addition to creating resumes, HyreSnap also provides an array of modern, creative resume templates that reflect the latest industry trends. It includes formats that utilize icons, symbols, and contemporary aesthetics to help a user's resume stand out from the crowd.


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Pros and Cons


ATS-friendly resumes
Customizable resume templates
Guidance for resume improvement
Job Match feature
Real-time compatibility scores
Modern resume templates
Templates include symbols and icons
Multiple template styles
Variety of resume templates
HR approved statements for resume
Real-time job matching
Job-board compatibility score
Chronological, functional, classic templates
40 HR experts intelligence
Inclusive for all careers
ATS compliant
Constantly updated for trends
24-hour support response
High user satisfaction rate
One-stop solution
Supports all career levels
10,000 job position templates
Resume comparison with job descriptions


No mobile app
No multilingual support
No offline capabilities
Limited template customization
No collaboration feature
No cover letter builder
Limited assistance for non-ATS friendly fields
No CV builder
No import from LinkedIn
Non-transparent pricing structure


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Can I build a professional resume with just a few clicks using HyreSnap?
What aspects does the AI technology in HyreSnap assess in my resume?
Are HyreSnap's resume templates in line with the latest industry trends?
Does HyreSnap also provide CV templates?
How does HyreSnap assist with personal branding throughout my job application?
What is HyreSnap's approach towards tailored resumes?
Why is HyreSnap marketed as a career development tool?
How can HyreSnap aid my job search?
Can I optimize my resume using HyreSnap?
Does HyreSnap offer pricing plans and if so, where can I find them?
Does HyreSnap publish relevant career blogs?
What is the credibility score of HyreSnap on Trust Pilot?
What is the success rate of job seekers using HyreSnap?

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