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Visualized and experimented interior design.
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IACrea is an AI-powered tool that allows users to redecorate a living space quickly and easily. Users can upload a photo of their room and select from a variety of design styles such as modern, Scandinavian, industrial and minimalist.

Within seconds, IACrea generates a new design proposal using artificial intelligence, giving users the ability to visualize their space with different styles before making any actual changes.

In addition to providing users with design ideas, IACrea also offers several other functionalities. For example, users can select specific areas of their room to redecorate while retaining the original style, and can even furnish an empty room virtually.

The tool also has an API for developers and supports 360-degree photos for virtual tours.IACrea offers two different credit packages, starting at 35 generated photos per credit.

The tool is suitable for anyone who wants to quickly and easily decorate, renovate or imagine new spaces, and is especially useful for those looking to sell or buy a property.

However, users should note that the photos generated are of a lower resolution, and inconsistencies may occur. In such cases, users can either retry the design proposal or take photos from different angles to improve the results.

Overall, IACrea offers a convenient and cost-effective way to visualize and experiment with different design options for living spaces.


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Pros and Cons


Quick room redecoration
Multiple design styles
Visualize changes before application
Selective area redecoration
Virtual furniture placement
360-degree photos support
API for developers
Optimized for both sellers and buyers
Cost-effective design visualization
Handles empty room furnishing
Room functionality change
Instant design generation
Re-decorate based on different themes
Real estate enhancement
Rapid use instance
Visual projection from 3D plan
De-cluttering functionality
Virtual renovation from photo
Supports rapid prototyping during visits
Special offer credit packages


Lower resolution photos
Inconsistencies in designs
Doesn't handle wide angles well
No specific furniture options
Unclear rendering for cluttered rooms
HD results require post-processing
Potential delays with server downtimes
Results can lack perfection
Limited styles of decoration
Limited support for mobile file types


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