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Automated job platform for job seekers
Generated by ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-based platform that offers an innovative solution for job seekers. It applies for jobs on behalf of individuals, saving them time and effort in the job searching process.

With, job seekers can select up to three countries and the platform will apply to up to 4000 real-time posted jobs in those countries. The platform aims to revolutionize traditional job searching methods by leveraging AI technology to automate the application process.

Job seekers no longer need to manually fill out applications, copy cover letters, and attach CVs. iApply's AI algorithm takes care of all of that, even while job seekers sleep, applying for jobs on their behalf. caters to a wide range of job seekers, including fresh graduates, working professionals, unemployed individuals, and skilled workers. The platform helps users organize their profiles in a clean and modern way through an innovative dashboard.

Additionally, the AI algorithm scans the entire web to find the best job matches, opening doors to endless possibilities.The platform also offers features such as real-time job postings, automated applying, and detailed analytics.

Through the use of AI, aims to make the job search process more efficient and effective for job seekers worldwide. They strive to empower individuals by helping them find the right job opportunities that align with their career goals and preferences.


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Pros and Cons


Applies to 4000 jobs
Selection of three countries
Automated application process
Suitable for various job seekers
Innovative user dashboard
Entire web scan for jobs
Real-time job postings
Automated application
Detailed analytics
Worldwide coverage
Profile organizing feature
Efficient job search
Alleviates job search stress
Tracks applied jobs
Serves various industries
Profile video option
CV Distribution to HR/Recruiters
Automated Job Application
Real-time jobs
Dashboard and analytics
No spam emails
Can cancel subscription anytime
Works while user sleeps
Suitable for fresh graduates
Helpful for unemployed
Great for skilled workers
Organizes and presents profile
Opens door to many opportunities
Customer success testimonials
Multiple pricing packages
Transparent success rate


Limited to three countries
Maximum 4000 job applications
Subscription-based model
Limited to real-time jobs
Lack of customization
Restricted to profile details


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How does the AI algorithm of find job matches?
What are some of the features offered by
Does have a user dashboard for tracking applied jobs?
How does increase job search efficiency?
What are the opportunities offered by
Is suitable for fresh graduates?
What countries can I apply for jobs in with
How many jobs can the AI algorithm apply to in my selected countries?
How do I create a profile on
Can apply for skills-based jobs for me?
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