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Your personal AI assistant in iMessage.
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iChatWithGPT is an AI assistant designed to be used within iMessage. This platform integrates with various Apple devices including iPhone, Watch, MacBook, and CarPlay, in addition to Siri integration.

It possesses an array of functionalities aimed at helping users streamline activities and tasks. It can answer inquiries, aid in travel planning, provide recipes, and offers an outlet for venting, among other things.

The iChatWithGPT AI assistant uses advanced algorithms such as GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 to offer real-time web research results, create content and images, and provide timely text reminders.

Notably, the tool is capable of AI-powered web research, giving immediate recommendations, summaries of news articles, weather forecasts, and even live game results.

It also includes a feature for generating images based on user ideas, ranging from conceptual design to detailed illustrations. The tool offers voice-activated capabilities to facilitate hands-free operation.

Users can save it as a contact and use voice commands to send messages easily. No signup is required to use the iChatWithGPT tool, and it maintains user privacy by refraining from storing any identifiable information.


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iChatWithGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


iPhone compatibility
Apple Watch compatibility
MacBook compatibility
CarPlay compatibility
iMessage integration
Siri integration
No signup required
Privacy friendly
Generates new ideas
Plans travel
Finds recipes
Offers a venting outlet
Advanced algorithms integration
Incorporates GPT-4
Incorporates DALL-E 3
Real-time web research
Content creation
Text reminders
Image generation
Hands-free operation
Voice commands support
Web application for organizing conversations
Low cost
Convenient payment system
Free trial
Conversational interface
Accessible on-the-go
Intuitive use
Large user base
Easy to introduce to others
Visual design capabilities
News summaries provision
Weather forecasts
Live game results provision
Immediate recommendations
Detailed illustrations generation
Conceptual designs creation
Task streamlining
Web browsing enabled
Saves as a contact
Generates interesting conversation


Limited to Apple devices
Over-reliance on voice commands
Possibly slow with real-time tasks
Charges after 100 messages
Lacks personalization options
No backup for conversation history
Depends on internet connection
Web application still not available
Potential privacy issues
Requires Siri for fullest potential


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How does iChatWithGPT maintain user privacy?
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What is meant by 'AI-powered web research' provided by iChatWithGPT?
How does the text reminder feature work?
Can I introduce iChatWithGPT to my friends?
Is Siri integrated with iChatWithGPT?
What is the hands-free operation feature in iChatWithGPT?
Does this tool offer any functionalities for travelers?
Are there any additional features coming to iChatWithGPT?
How can I upgrade to Pro from the free version of iChatWithGPT?

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