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Custom icons made for business, apps, prints, or logos.
Generated by ChatGPT

iconGeniusAi is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create custom icons for their business, app, prints, or logo. With the help of AI technology, the tool generates icons quickly and delivers them within a minute of submitting an order.

Users can create multiple collections and store their generated icons for future use. The icons are produced in high resolution (1024x1024) to ensure the highest quality after download.

The tool offers heavily engineered prompts to enhance the AI models' performance, ensuring the best results for different requirements. Users can customize their icons by selecting a primary color, style, and providing a brief description of their desired icon.

The pricing structure is simple and credit-based, allowing users to pay only for what they need without any subscription commitment. Three pricing tiers are available, offering different amounts of credits and high-resolution file downloads.

By utilizing iconGeniusAi, users can save a significant amount of time compared to relying on designers who may not be able to deliver icons at such a fast pace.

The tool provides a convenient and efficient solution for those who require a large number of icons quickly. It is important to note that iconGeniusAi requires JavaScript to run, and the tool's usage implies acceptance of cookies to ensure the best user experience.


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IcongeniusAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Icons delivered within a minute
High resolution output (1024x1024)
Multiple collections
Data storage for future use
Fully customizable designs
Primary color selection
Simple, credit-based pricing
No subscription necessary
High-speed performance
JavaScript integration
Cookie usage for best experience
Multiple pricing tiers
Allows brief descriptions
Fastened design process
High-quality generated icons
Supports large number of icons
Cost and time-efficient compared to designers
Use when you need basis


Requires JavaScript enabled
Dependent on cookies
Limited icon customization
Pricing model not subscription-based
Lacks free trial
Not open-source
No bulk discount pricing
Only offers high-resolution output
Cannot create animated icons
No multicolor icons available


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How is the pricing structured for iconGeniusAi?
Are there any subscription commitments for iconGeniusAi?
How quickly can I obtain icons from iconGeniusAi?
Can I store my generated icons for future use in iconGeniusAi?
What is the purpose of the heavily engineered prompts in iconGeniusAi?
How do I select the style and color of my icon in iconGeniusAi?
What do I need to run iconGeniusAi?
What are the credit-based tiers available in iconGeniusAi?
Does using iconGeniusAi require acceptance of cookies?
How does iconGeniusAi ensure optimal results for different requirements?
Is there an option to sign up on iconGeniusAi?
Can I create multiple collections in iconGeniusAi?
Why is it important to enable JavaScript to use iconGeniusAi?
What do I have to provide iconGeniusAi to create my desired icon?


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