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Custom icons and logos for branding.
Generated by ChatGPT

The Icon Generator is an AI-powered tool designed to create stunning and unique app icons and logos with just one click. It offers a wide variety of distinguished styles and customization options, allowing users to easily generate icons that fit their brand identity.

The tool is user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible even for individuals with no design background. It generates icons with impressive accuracy, matching users' aesthetic preferences and understanding their brand identity.

With the ability to preview and download the generated icons as high-definition images, users have full ownership of the icons, including selling rights and copyright.

The tool operates on a credit-based system, where each icon costs one credit. Different packs are available for purchasing credits, with options of 20, 50, and 100 credits.

Commercial usage is allowed, and users can even resell the generated icons. The icons are delivered in 1024x1024 HD quality in PNG format. All generated icons are private and visible only to the user on their account.

Credits do not expire, and payments are secured using trusted payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the app's ability to create professional-looking icons that perfectly match brand preferences.

Users appreciate the vast style choices, the speed of generation, and the tool's value for the price. Freelancers also find the tool beneficial for client work, as it streamlines the process of generating custom icons aligned with clients' branding.

Overall, the Icon Generator offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for creating high-quality app icons and logos.


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Pros and Cons


One click icon generation
Wide variety of styles
Customization options available
User-friendly interface
Generates icons with accuracy
Preview and download options
HD image generation
Credit-based payment system
Commercial usage allowed
Resell rights included
1024x1024 PNG format
Private icon generation
Eternal credit validity
Secure payments
High customer satisfaction
Cost-effective icon creation
Distinguished style choices
Automated color palette generation
Icons cater to brand identity
Unique app icons creation
Trusted by large customer base
Quick delivery under 30 seconds
Icon download and full ownership
No design background required
Bulk credit purchase options
No credit expiration
Fast and efficient generation
Professional-grade icons
Value for money
Unlimited icon creation with credits
Ability to resell generated icons
Private account icon visibility
High-definition icon quality
Works well for A/B testing
Variation generating feature
Generates aligned client branding
Icon generation speed
Creates professional looking icons
Seamless design experience
Perfect for business branding
Impeccable testimonials
Streamlines design workflow
Generates branded icons
No public visibility of icons
Icons created in seconds
Resonates with user aesthetic


Only 1024x1024 HD format
PNG format only
Credit-based system
Only credit-pack purchase options
No multi-platform support
No multi-language support
Cannot customize icon dimensions
No shared visibility option
No free trial available
Exports are not vectorized


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What options and packs are available for purchasing credits on IconlabAI?


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