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Unlimited free ideas generated by AI
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Idea Generator is an artificial intelligence tool that helps users unleash their creativity by generating unique ideas. This tool can be utilized by anyone, from startups searching for a unique business concept to writers looking for a story prompt.

It provides an endless stream of suggestions, aiding users to kindle their inspiration when they are at a loss for what to come up with. Free to use, it allows individuals as well as organizations to access an unlimited range of innovative thoughts without any financial constraints.

The tool also comes with a 'save' feature, making it convenient for users to store their favourite ideas for future reference. Moreover, it possesses an integrated login/signup feature to ensure personalized experience, enabling long term storage, organization, and retrieval of generated ideas.

Please note that the tool's potential and usefulness is dependent on individual users' input and requirements. Finally, while the tool is free, additional resources and features may be linked with promotional partnerships.

Idea Generator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2023.
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Community ratings

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Feb 10, 2024
Easy and inspirational
Dec 1, 2023
awesome creative site for a painter!
Nov 16, 2023
It showed me a very good idea for my incremental game but it also wanted to make upgrades have a combo system?

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Pros and Cons


Generates unlimited ideas
Customizable to user's needs
Accessible and user-friendly
Simple and intuitive interface
Promotes creativity
Suitable for various purposes
Offers profitable business ideas
Free registration
Personalized experience
Feature to save ideas
Enables organization of ideas
Option for long-term storage
Free to use
Suitable for individuals and organizations
Promotional partnerships
Integrated login/signup feature
Supports storytelling and startups
Supports writers with prompts
Assists in navigating challenges


No offline access
Lack of collaborative features
Limited idea categorization
No mobile application
No filtering options
Dependent on user input
Promotional partnerships
Stored ideas not encrypted
No multi-language support
No idea evaluation feature


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