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Elevate your social media game with AI-generated videos, engagement boost, and content optimization.
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Identable is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance a brand's presence on social media, primarily LinkedIn. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence to generate videos, boost engagement levels, and optimize content to suit the specific needs of the user.

Identable aims to automate the process of content creation and post scheduling, helping users save effort and time. One of its key features includes the LinkedIn Post Generator, which creates personalized posts based on the user's unique voice, aiming to establish thought leadership and drive audience engagement.

It also provides features for scheduling posts, creating optimized carousel content, and converting text to video. Additionally, Identable offers LinkedIn analytics, aiding users to gain insightful data related to their post performances.

It also includes a reposting feature, which allows users to repurpose trending posts with their unique spin, thereby maintaining the freshness of the content.

Regardless of whether the user is an individual looking to grow a personal brand or a company aiming to boost a team's presence on LinkedIn, Identables goal is to provide features and solutions to meet varying needs.


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Identable was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


LinkedIn-specific tool
Generates engaging videos
Autonomous scheduling feature
LinkedIn Post Generator
Creates personalized content
Optimization of content
Offers LinkedIn analytics
Reposting with personalization
Helps maintain fresh content
Suitable for individuals and teams
Creates carousel content
Text-to-Video conversion
Automated content creation
Insightful post performance data
Highly customizable tool
Effortless Carousel Content Creator
Time and effort saver
User-friendly platform
Helps boost brand presence
Enhances user engagement
Comprehensive LinkedIn solutions
Tool for varying needs
Free Strategy Call option
Supports smart scheduling and automation
All-in-one LinkedIn tool
Simplifies content scheduling
Increases LinkedIn reach
Helpful for multiple roles - startups, sales, marketing, recruitment
Streamlines content creation
Turns engagement into relationships
Clear analytics dashboard
Enables data-driven decisions
Machine-learning post generator
Automates logistics over strategy
Convertible Text to High-quality Video
Main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provided
Repurposes trending posts


Potential content repetition
May not capture user voice
May overlook niche trends
Limited post format diversity
Carousel content limitations
Possible improper repost attribution
Lacks platform compatibility
No multi-platform support
Unspecified update frequency


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How does Identable assist in content creation?

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