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Create AI-generated illustrations in seconds.
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IllustrationAI is a powerful AI tool designed to help users create unique and beautiful illustrations quickly and easily. In just three simple steps, users can select a style from a library of different styles, describe the object they want to illustrate, and improve the result with AI upscaling.

The library includes 3D renders, vector, low poly, Pixar style, icon, and pixel art. Additionally, users can remove the background and add a custom background, edit parts of the illustration, create illustrations in bulk, and convert vector illustrations to SVG files.

Furthermore, users can access the IllustrationAI plugin for Figma to create illustrations directly from their design tool. Finally, users can join the waiting list to get early access to the public beta.


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Pros and Cons


Multiple illustration styles
Easy three-step process
Editable illustrations
Bulk illustrations creation
Vector illustrations conversion to SVG
Background customization
Figma plugin
Public early access
Free signup with credits


No mobile app available
Limited style options
Not compatible with other design tools
No support for real-time collaboration
Public beta, stability issues
No free usage tier
Waiting list for access
No training or tutorials
Doesn't support raster formats


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How can I create AI-generated illustrations with IllustrationAI?
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Can I describe the object I want to illustrate in IllustrationAI?
Why should I use IllustrationAI for my illustrations?
Can I sign up for a free trial of IllustrationAI?
How effective is the AI upscaling in IllustrationAI?
Can I share creations from IllustrationAI with the world?
What are the steps to generate an illustration in IllustrationAI?
Can IllustrationAI create unique and beautiful artworks?
Is IllustrationAI currently in public beta?

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