Image generation 01 Mar 2023
Image generator by Pyq
Generating images for websites and products.

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Pyq is an AI tool that helps developers easily deploy their machine learning models to production. The publicly available version of this tool can generate a response in about 10 seconds, and users can contact them for faster plans.

Pyq also offers open-source models that are designed for specific tasks. In their blog post, they discuss the advantages of using such models and compare them to popular larger models.

They describe how open-source models can be useful in various projects, from building apps to rocket science. Pyq's tool also provides an API to enable users to integrate this model into their app quickly.

They offer usage-based pricing, and upon sign up, users receive $10 of free credit to try this and other models. Overall, Pyq makes it easier for developers to deploy their machine learning models, and also offers open-source models, which are designed for specific tasks, improving the productivity of developers, and making AI more accessible.


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