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AI-powered solution for quick photo editing
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Imagen is a post-production tool for photographers, built around artificial intelligence. Oriented towards saving time and effort, Imagen takes over repetitive tasks, allowing photographers to focus more on their craft.

The tool covers key areas of a professional photographer's workflow such as editing and culling. For editing, Imagen incorporates an AI engine that adjusts itself to the user's personal style, aids in delivering consistent and personalized output for every photo.

It includes features like Crop, Straighten, Subject Mask & Smooth Skin, along with Personal AI Profiles which learn and adapt over time. In terms of culling, Imagen aims to replicate human selection to help identify the best images.

There are customizable preferences and it lets the user keep their catalog intact while making selections. With Imagen, users can also back up their projects during the culling and editing process through its built-in cloud storage solution.

The tool ensures data security and is accessible from anywhere on multiple devices. For inspiration, users can choose from various existing profile styles from Talent AI profiles.

The tool prioritizes privacy and security, using photos only for editing and creating Personal AI profile.


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Imagen AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Saves time for photographers
Analyzes personal editing style
Real-time photo adjustments
Adjusts white balance/exposure/color
Generates unique editing profile
Significantly cuts editing workflow
Fast editing speeds
Cost-effective editing per photo
Streamlines professional workflow
Built-in cloud storage feature
Data security provisions
Accessible from multiple devices
Maintains catalog while selecting
Automatic backups during editing
Choice of profile styles
Crop, Straighten, Subject Mask & Smooth Skin tools
Evolve and learns over time
Mimics human selection in culling
Customizable culling preferences
Anytime and anywhere access to backups
Privacy prioritized
Photos used only for editing
Compatible with Adobe Lightroom
No credit card required for trial
Individually edited photos
Consistent and accurate editing
Free storage of 100GB for three months
Free culling service while in Beta
Allows final edits review in Adobe software
Retains control with Profile Adjustments
Maintains user in charge
Editing in under 0.5s per photo
User friendly interface
Efficiency in workflow
Variety in editing styles
Offers a modern & efficient workflow
Creates stunningly consistent editing starting points
Image enhancement features
Effective for different types of photos
Transforms photos quickly


Limited to Lightroom Classic
Personal style learning takes time
Depends on cloud storage
Cost per photo basis
Lack of multi-language support
Productivity depends on personal adaptation
Culling feature still in Beta
Limited to Adobe software


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