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Supercharge your video library with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence tool designed to amplify the potential of your video library. It offers advanced video search functionality, enabling users to explore their video content in a manner similar to a person, uncovering the true meanings within videos, including dialogues, actions, sounds and themes.

The results are provided in an easily sharable and publishable format with pre-clipped and timestamped highlights. Besides that, features an automatic clip creation service that operates in seconds, diligently auto-framing action scenes.

The AI system is also efficient in automating the video transcription process, using industry-leading voice recognition technology to accurately transcribe video and audio content.

In addition, integrated into the package is a clip conversion feature that automatically reshapes landscape videos to portrait orientation for various social media platforms. also offers an API for developers interested in implementing the tool's capabilities in their projects. The tool is versatile, serving a wide range of individuals and businesses from content creators, marketers, video production companies to developers.


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Apr 4, 2024
I've tried many video search and clipping tools, but Imaginario really differentiates in visual and sound search. It can find anything you need inside a video: actions, objects, people, emotions, etc. This is not just for talking videos!!
Mar 28, 2024
It's so helpfull
Mar 28, 2024
Thanks so much, glad you like it 🥰

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Pros and Cons


Advanced video search
Video content analysis
Timestamped highlights
Automatic clip creation
Auto-framing action scenes
Efficient video transcription
Accurate voice recognition
Reshapes video orientation
API for developers
Versatile usage
Trimming and captioning
99% transcription accuracy
Highlights creation
Action-based subject centering
Serves content creators
Benefits marketers
Assists video production firms
Curation of social cuts
Supports social media formats
Time reduction in editing
Auto-captioning feature
Eliminates manual work
Enhances content value
Increases engagement
Free starter tier
No credit card needed


Lacks manual editing options
Auto-orientation limits creativity
Supports limited social platforms
No multilingual transcription
No noise reduction feature
API challenges for beginners
Automatic clipping may be inaccurate
Limited monthly free transcription
Pre-set themes may be restrictive
No offline functionality


What is
How does the advanced video search function work on
Can accurately transcribe video content?
What is the auto-framing feature in
What is the clip conversion feature on
Is there an API for and how can developers use it?
Who are the primary users of
How does assist in video content analysis?
What are the benefits of using voice recognition in
How does help content creators?
How does help marketers?
Can video production companies benefit from using
What platforms does create clips for, including social media?
How can you share or publish the information found through the tool?
Does provide pre-clipped and timestamped highlights?
How quick is the automatic clip creation service on
Is there an option to reshape landscape videos to portrait orientation for social media?
Can identify themes within video content?
How does work for managing video libraries?
Can produce results similar to human video analysis?

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