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Turn your text into images.
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Imaginator is an AI tool designed to generate images from text input. This application interprets users' text descriptions, turning them into detailed digital images.

The primary feature is the 'Text to Image' function that employs AI algorithms to create detailed visuals from a given text. User examples range from daily life objects to complex scenes and character portraits with specific characteristics, offering a wide range of possibilities and creative options.

Upcoming features include image editing and variation functionalities. The editing functionality will enable users to upload a masking template and customize the existing image according to their preferences.

On the other hand, with image variations, users can generate different versions of a given image. To use Imaginator, users refill credits, each representing one image generation.

These credits will be available for repurchase upon exhaustion. Additionally, users retain ownership of the generated images and can deploy them for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The effectiveness of the resulting image increasingly depends on the level of detail provided in the initial text.

Imaginator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms text to images
Generates realistic images
Offers image editing
Produces image variations
Credit system for usage
Affordable pricing tiers
Ownership of generated images
Commercial and non-commercial usage
Wide range of creatives
Generates complex scenes
Generates character portraits
Functions through text input
Upcoming editing functionality
Upcoming variation functionality
Refillable credits
Credits repurchasable
Depends on input detail
Used for content creation
Designs digital art
Generates individual ownership
Portable on any device
Produces detailed visuals
Generates creative options
Highly detailed image generation
Adjustable image specifics
Retains image uniqueness
Generates surreal art
Available for global users
Generates intricate portraits
Supports creative experimentation
Produces varied lighting renders
Replaceable image templates


Credit-based system
No unlimited plan
Detailed inputs needed
No image editing yet
No image variations yet
Complex pricing system
Limited to digital images
Possible variation in results
Requires repurchasing credits
No free trial offered


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How detailed does my text input need to be for Imaginator to generate a good image?
Who owns the images created by Imaginator?
Can I use images created by Imaginator for commercial purpose?
How can I edit the generated images in Imaginator?
What does 'image variations' mean in the context of Imaginator?
Can I buy more credits if I run out?
What is the maximum number of images I can generate with one Imaginator package?
Does the price per image change across different packages in Imaginator?
How does Imaginator ensure the quality of the generated images?
Can I request for a single text to be converted into different versions of images with Imaginator?
If I am not satisfied with the result, can I get a refund of credits from Imaginator?
Are there helpful resources to start using Imaginator?
Can I upload my own template for image editing in Imaginator?
What levels of customization does Imaginator offer for image editing?

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