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Creates personalized art through a platform.
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Imagine Me is an AI Art platform that allows users to generate stunning AI art of themselves based on a text description. It is the first of its kind, and the process is made simple and affordable.

Users start by creating a personal model of themselves, which requires 10-20 varied pictures in good quality. This model is then used to convert text into a corresponding image, and takes up to 24 hours to train.

Once the model is finished, users can start generating images. They select their model and type a description, click the ‘Imagine’ button, and their images will appear on the screen.

The first generation takes around 3 minutes and subsequent generations take just 30 seconds. They also have the ability to browse the ‘Showcase’ to get inspiration and view the best prompts.

Additionally, users can read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of the art they can expect. Imagine Me provides a unique and unparalleled experience of creating art of oneself that is both easy and magical.


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Feb 8, 2024
best AI for genrating true to life AI portraits

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Pros and Cons


Personalized art creation
Only requires text descriptions
User-friendly Interface
Requires 10-20 images for training
24 hour model training
Fast image generation
Prompt option for inspiration
Customer reviews available
Affordable pricing
Various credit package options
Images based on personal model
3 minutes initial generation time
Subsequent generation within 30 seconds
Concept/character specific designs
Showcase for idea inspiration
Optional gifts and posters generation
Cosplay specific designs
Fashion styles integration
Artistic image conceptualization
Ability to see best working prompts
Generation of multiple images per credit
Includes free model
User confidentiality and privacy
Professional imageries for profiles
Social media presence
Easy to contact support
Frequently asked questions resource
Company blog for updates
Flexible cookie policy
Compliant to privacy policy
Efficient for clothing style discovery
Option to create fun images
Effective for professional picture creation
Inspires user to imagine and create


Requires 10-20 personal photos
24 hour model training time
First generation takes 3 minutes
Charges per credit
Linked to personal physical image


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