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Streamlines influencer campaigns on a platform.
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IMAI (Influencer Marketing AI) is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that allows brands, agencies, and online stores to discover, analyze, activate, and measure influencers.

With IMAI, users have access to detailed insights about over 260 million influencers, including demographic and psychographic information. The platform affords users the ability to search, analyze, create, and track campaigns, making influencer marketing management more efficient.

IMAI also features a dedicated campaign reporting dashboard to evaluate and optimize campaign success, and the ability to integrate with popular e-commerce platforms.

IMAI offers a white-label platform, which includes an API integration for influencer discovery and analytics. In addition, IMAI has an Agency CRM and Influencers app for end-to-end campaign management and automation.

The platform's algorithms provide personalized white-label solutions, which allows users to optimize their influencer marketing activities.The tool's dashboard is simple and intuitive, making the platform user-friendly.

Also, IMAI is trusted by industry leaders and has received positive reviews from its users, including top brands like Estee Lauder Companies.


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IMAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Access to 260 million influencers
Demographic and psychographic insights
End-to-end campaign management
Integrated campaign tracking
White-label platform
API integration for influencer discovery
API integration for influencer analytics
Agency CRM and Influencer app
Personalized algorithm solutions
Intuitive user interface
E-commerce platform integration
Dedicated campaign reporting dashboard
Detailed influencer data
Powerful search filters
Client-branded interface
Online store sales monitoring
Efficient influencer sourcing
Identify market trends feature
Comprehensive campaign tracking
Automated influencer marketing activities
Email, WhatsApp outreach to influencers
Robust discovery features
Fake follower count analytics
Integrated affiliate pipeline
Social Listening tool
Inbound creators to commission payments
Integrated communication channels
Transparent and versatile API
White-labeled under own domain
Offers monthly subscription
Shopify & WooCommerce integration
Covers multiple social media platforms
Trusted by industry leaders
Cost-effective pricing options
Influencer data on multiple platforms
One-time setup fee for white-labeling
Influencer campaigns performance tracking


260 million influencers limit
API integration complex
No multi-language support
Limited campaign tracking
No dedicated customer support
Expensive white-label setup fee
Limited e-commerce platform integration
Dependent on social media data
Limited competitor spy feature
Charging for high-traffic APIs


What is IMAI?
How does IMAI streamline influencer campaigns?
What insights does IMAI provide about influencers?
What is the main functionality of the IMAI platform?
How many influencers does IMAI have in its database?
What are the features of IMAI's campaign reporting dashboard?
Can I use IMAI with my e-commerce platform?
What does it mean that IMAI offers a white-label platform?
How do I use the Agency CRM and Influencers app in IMAI?
How do the algorithms of IMAI personalize my influencer marketing activities?
How user-friendly is the IMAI dashboard?
Why is IMAI trusted by industry leaders?
Can I try IMAI on a free trial, and for how long?
How does the 'Search & Analyze' feature work on IMAI?
What does the API of IMAI offer?
How do I sign up for IMAI?
What companies have used IMAI successfully?
Is the IMAI platform mobile-friendly?
Does IMAI offer customer support?
How can I integrate IMAI's features into my existing marketing stack?

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