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Image-based text prompt generation.
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Methexis-Inc/img2prompt is a tool designed to generate approximate text prompts that match an image. This tool is particularly optimized for stable-diffusion (clip ViT-L/14).

The tool is based on the open-source CLIP Interrogator notebook created by @pharmapsychotic and utilizes the OpenAI CLIP models to match an image to a variety of artists, mediums, and styles.

The results of the comparison are then combined with BLIP captions to generate a text prompt that can be used to create additional images similar to the original.

The tool can be run via an API, or the GitHub repository and license can be accessed for more information. Predictions typically complete within 24 seconds and run on Nvidia T4 GPU hardware.


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Pros and Cons


Stable-diffusion optimized
Uses CLIP models
Comparative image analysis
Integration with BLIP
Generates text prompts
Creates similar images
API available
GitHub repository access
Rapid prediction time
Runs on Nvidia GPU
Image-based prompt generation
Includes a variety of styles
Matches image to artists
Prompt for additional images
Accessible license information
High run count
Open-source base
Webcam image input
Useful for image replication
Helpful for artists
Detailed profiling of images
Generates styles, mediums, artists
Option for reporting issues
Works with multiple variations
Shareable results
User instructions provided
Open from external notebooks
Personal support options
Follow updates on Twitter
Adaptable for custom needs
Comparative results for images
Interactive tool
Versatile for image types
Capability to reinterpret style
Produce approximate artistic interpretation
Usefulness beyond basic reproduction
Links with stable diffusion
Helps recreate similar version
Inspiration for creativity
Developer interaction via Twitter
Can handle complex images
Can operate independently
Supports contributor encouragement
Comprehensive output information
Input drop-file functionality
Potential for custom improvement


Optimized for stable-diffusion only
Runs on Nvidia T4 GPUs only
Results combine with BLIP captions
Completion within 24 seconds
Based on CLIP Interrogator
No multiple image support
Dependent on external API
No customization options mentioned
Not suitable for real-time applications


What is Methexis-Inc/img2prompt?
How does Methexis-Inc/img2prompt work?
What is the purpose of the Methexis-Inc/img2prompt tool?
Can Methexis-Inc/img2prompt be run via an API?
What is the time frame for Methexis-Inc/img2prompt’s predictions?
What type of GPU hardware does Methexis-Inc/img2prompt run on?
Can Methexis-Inc/img2prompt access artists, mediums, and styles?
Does Methexis-Inc/img2prompt utilize OpenAI CLIP models?
Could you use the Methexis-Inc/img2prompt tool to match an image to artists along with styles?
What is the Stable-diffusion in context with Methexis-Inc/img2prompt?
What are BLIP captions and how are they incorporated in Methexis-Inc/img2prompt?
Where can more information about Methexis-Inc/img2prompt be found?
Does Methexis-Inc/img2prompt have a GitHub repository?
How does Methexis-Inc/img2prompt use image matching to generate text prompts?
How can the results of Methexis-Inc/img2prompt be utilized?
What is the process of Methexis-Inc/img2prompt's text prompt generation?
Is there a license associated with Methexis-Inc/img2prompt?
What is the ideal use case for Methexis-Inc/img2prompt?
Which OpenAI CLIP models are used by Methexis-Inc/img2prompt?
Can Methexis-Inc/img2prompt be used to create more images similar to the original?

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