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Generated images for graphics and illustrations.
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ImgCreator.AI is an AI image generation tool that takes a text description and converts it into an image. The tool is best suited for creating illustrations, anime, and concept design images.

It can also be used to edit or update an existing image by erasing the part you want to edit and providing a new text description. ImgCreator.AI provides 9 free images to start with, and users can purchase additional images.

Output resolution for free version images is 512*512, and for subscription users, the images are available in 1024x1024 pixels. Higher resolution images can be requested for printing or other purposes.

With ImgCreator.AI, users get full usage rights to commercialize the images they create, as long as they follow the rules and terms of service. The images created by ImgCreator.AI can range from photorealistic stock photos to imaginative illustrations.

The possibilities are endless and constrained only by the user's imagination.

IMGCreator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 22nd 2022.
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User Profile PictureDustin Halstead
ยท May 4, 2023
Weak models and an overly oppressive language filter.

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Pros and Cons


Generates images from text
Edits existing images
9 free images given
Subscription offers high resolution
Full usage rights validity
Generates photorealistic images
Offers anime and illustrations
Text-based editing
Free version available
Flexible image resolution
Can request higher resolution
Range of image styles
Image commercialization allowed
Community showcase availability
Interesting model updates
Supports creative illustration
Offers pro credits
Unique text-to-image feature
Generates images for blogs
Helps visualize marketing material
Image inpainting and outpainting
Generates images for social media
Supports natural image alteration
Assists in design inspirations
Good for powerpoint slides
Good for posters
Good for websites
Good for children's books
Free images for referrals
Custom request facility
Commendable usage rights
Erased part editing option
Generates visual marketing visuals


Limited default resolution
Additional costs for more images
Higher resolution only by request
Free version restricted
Limited free images
Extra steps for editing images
No built-in high resolution


What is ImgCreator.AI and how does it work?
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What's the resolution of the output images from ImgCreator.AI?
Is ImgCreator.AI completely free to use?
Can I claim rights for the images generated by ImgCreator.AI?
Can I use the images generated by ImgCreator.AI for commercial purposes?
What kind of images can ImgCreator.AI generate?
How to create illustrations, anime, and concept design images using ImgCreator.AI?
Can I edit or update an existing image on ImgCreator.AI?
How many free images do I get to start with on ImgCreator.AI?
Can I purchase additional images on ImgCreator.AI?
How can I request for higher resolution images on ImgCreator.AI?
Do I need to adhere to any rules while commercializing images from ImgCreator.AI?
How imaginative can the images created by ImgCreator.AI be?
Can ImgCreator.AI generate photorealistic stock photos?
How to convert a text description into an image using ImgCreator.AI?
Can I create graphics and illustrations using ImgCreator.AI?

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