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Image editing app for non-experts.
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Imagine AI is an innovative tool that enables users to access the most advanced technology without the complexity of understanding artificial intelligence (AI).

It was created to empower people to get the most out of AI without the hassle of needing to understand the technology. The IMGN app provides the perfect platform for users to use the latest AI-based image editing tools without having to have any knowledge of AI, machine learning, or data science.

The app is available for both Google Play and Apple App Store, making it accessible for anyone. Imagine AI also provides links to their LinkedIn, Product Hunt, and Twitter accounts for users to stay up to date on the latest features and updates.

IMGN - Image Engine was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Advanced image editing tools
Available on Google Play
Available on Apple App Store
Links to social accounts
Image avatar generator
Regular updates
No prior technical expertise
Good for non-experts
Universal accessibility
Platform independent
Real-time editing
Streamlined functionality
Unique avatar creation
No data science knowledge
No machine learning skills
Rapid image transformation
Art creation capability
Personalized editing results
Hands-on control over edits
Applicable to wide audience
Linkedin for networking updates
Product Hunt for innovations
Twitter for quick information
Empowers every user
Simplified tech implementation
Multifaceted design features
State-of-the-art editing
Accessible advanced tech
Updated tech knowledge
Designed for everyday user
Advanced tech made simple
No hassle operation
Uncomplicated, high-end tool
High user satisfaction
Frequent feature updates
Follow on social media
Breaks technology barriers
Effortless navigation and use
Technology made easy
Not restricted to professionals
24/7 accessibility
Seamless performance
High-quality outcomes
Tool for modern generation
Easy to install
Fast and efficient
Practice innovative technology
Continuous improvement and evolution


No desktop version
No API provided
Limited social media links
Not open-source
No offline capabilities
Not suited for experts
No mention of regular updates
Lacks advanced features
No plugin integrations


What is the Imagine AI app?
How can I use the IMGN app to edit images?
Do I need to have knowledge of AI to use the IMGN app?
What platforms is the IMGN app available on?
How can I stay updated with the latest features and updates on Imagine AI?
Can non-experts use Imagine AI?
How does Imagine AI make advanced tech easy to use?
What is the IMGN - Image Engine?
Are there any guides on how to use the IMGN app?
What are some benefits of using the IMGN app?
How is the IMGN app different from other image editing apps?
Does the Imagine AI require machine learning or data science knowledge?
What sort of image editing tools does the IMGN app offer?
Is the Imagine AI app user-friendly?
What are users saying about Imagine AI app in the reviews?
Is there an active community for users of Imagine AI?
How is the IMGN app contributing to the field of artificial intelligence?
Can I follow Imagine AI on social media?
What are avatar-generator features in the IMGN app?
What are the accessibility features in the IMGN app?


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