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Unleash AI power to create your digital twin and generate video content from text quickly.
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Immersive Fox is a cutting-edge AI video generation tool that allows users to create personalized video content from text inputs quickly and efficiently.

Using this tool, users can digitize aspects including face, voice, and even gestures to produce a 'digital twin' avatar which can be used for engaging storytelling.

It comes with multiple pre-existing avatar options users can choose from. This feature positions Immersive Fox as an innovative solution for sales enablement, customer communication, learning & development, and corporate communications.

The tool integrates seamlessly with CRMs such as Hubspot, offering users the ability to generate personalized videos that can be used in e-mail marketing campaigns for increased engagement.

The ability to convert text to video in over 50 languages makes this tool useful for businesses operating in multilingual environments. Organizations have reported significant improvements in engagement metrics such as email open rates and meeting bookings as a result of using Immersive Fox's personalized videos.

This tool simplifies video production processes, reduces related costs, and increases efficiency while maintaining quality. In sum, Immersive Fox offers a robust, affordable, and rapid solution for AI video creation.


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Immersive Fox was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 22nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized video content creation
Digital twin avatar production
Multiple pre-existing avatar options
Integrates with CRMs
Used for multiple purposes
Generates text to video
Over 50 languages available
Significant improvement in engagement metrics
Simplifies video production processes
Reduces video production costs
Increases efficiency
Maintains video quality
Rapid video creation
Email marketing campaign alignment
Useful for multilingual businesses
5X higher reply rate
Increase in booked meetings
Possible pipeline through email marketing
Hubspot integration
The voice and gesture digitization
Default avatars available
Details personalisation in video
CRM automation integration
No editing skills required
Fast video generation
Competitive market pricing
Integration with favourite CRMs
Variety of voice tones
Essential for L&D programs
Effective for sales enablement


No offline functionality
Limited avatar choices
Not open-source
No integration with non-CRM tools
Requires script for video
Digitization may be inaccurate
No custom avatar design
Not smartphone friendly
Voice bounds to avatar and script
Rendering speed not specified
Requires JavaScript enabled browser


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Who are the target users for Immersive Fox?
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How is Immersive Fox useful for corporate communications?
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What companies are currently using Immersive Fox?
What are some real-world results achieved through using Immersive Fox?


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