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Free bilingual, cross-referenced web and document translation
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Immersive Translate is a comprehensive translation tool, providing bilingual cross-referenced webpage translation, and translation services for numerous document formats.

It supports translation of a wide range of languages including, but not limited to, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, and Thai.

Users can leverage multiple translation interfaces including DeepL, Google, Open AI, and others. The tool offers translation of PDFs, EPUB e-books, and subtitle files.

Immersive Translate can be used across multiple devices, with versions available for Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Tampermonkey and as an Android or iOS browser extension.

Furthermore, it offers functionalities for creating bilingual e-books, subtitle translation, mouse hover translation, and PDF file translation. This tool is particularly useful for breaking down language barriers, enabling efficient information acquisition, and facilitating fast communication free from language constraints.


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Pros and Cons


Supports many languages
Offers cross-referenced translations
Supports multiple translation services
PDF translation
EPUB translation
Subtitle file translation
Webpage translation
Supports multiple devices
Edge extension
Chrome extension
Firefox extension
Safari extension
Tampermonkey extension
Android extension
iOS extension
Bilingual e-book creation
Mouse hover translation
Cross-platform compatibility
Bilingual content sharing
Segment-by-segment translation
Customizable translation styles


No offline functionality
No human translation option
Limited device compatibility
No support for less common languages
Dependent on third-party translations
No voice translation
No image translation
No handwriting recognition
No API for integration with other services
Possible privacy issues


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Can Immersive Translate integrate with AI translation interfaces like Google, Open AI, and others?

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