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InboxChat is an advanced AI-based tool designed to revolutionize and streamline email management and workflow. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to sort, chat, and summarize your emails, transforming cluttered inboxes into organized, manageable spaces.

It provides an array of features including drafting emails, summarizing long threads, and structuring information into tables. Additionally, its innovative technology can chat with emails and deliver a host of benefits.

InboxChat includes powerful automation capabilities. These automations can categorize incoming emails, extract significant data for analysis, create required actions and tasks, and even prepare automated responses.

This tool helps to save time and to focus on essential information by delivering concise, customizable summaries, extracting the main points of each message.

Enabling instant access to the summarized timeline of interactions with each contact, InboxChat also provides the ability to auto-tag contacts into manageable groups.

Besides, it supports the semantic search feature that comprehends the meaning, context, and intent behind your words to present the most relevant and accurate search results.

InboxChat maintains privacy and security through its Google certification with CASA Tier 2 Security Certification.


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InboxChat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes long email threads
Automates email responses
Drafts emails
Categorizes incoming emails
Extracts data for analysis
Creates tasks from emails
Customizable email summaries
Extracts key points from messages
Auto-tag contacts
Semantic search feature
CASA Tier 2 Security Certification
Chat with emails
Organized manageable spaces
Time-saving tool
Enhanced focus on essentials
Organizes data in tables
Interactive with email contacts
Maintains privacy and security
Google certification
Quick-access contact history
Structure information into tables
Google Accounts support
Perform context based search


Only supports Google accounts
No multiple users support
Limited automation capabilities
Limited to 100 latest emails
Expensive for personal use
No free trial
No mobile application mentioned


What is InboxChat?
How does InboxChat streamline email management?
What features does InboxChat offer for email drafting?
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Can InboxChat structure email information into tables?
What capabilities does InboxChat's automation include?
How does InboxChat's automation save time?
Can InboxChat auto-tag contacts into groups?
What is InboxChat's semantic search feature?
How does InboxChat maintain security and privacy?
Which email platforms is InboxChat compatible with?
What is CASA Tier 2 Security Certification?
How does InboxChat help in focusing on essential information?
Can InboxChat prepare automated email responses?
How does InboxChat extract significant data from emails?
How does InboxChat chat with emails?
What benefits does InboxChat offer over traditional email management?
Is InboxChat able to categorize incoming emails?
Does InboxChat provide a summarized timeline of interactions with contacts?
How can I integrate InboxChat into my daily email routine?

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