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Data collaboration & mgt. solution for businesses.
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Infobox is an AI tool developed by Xureal that aims to simplify business data handling. With an intuitive interface, it allows users to manage their information effectively while ensuring confidentiality.

The tool offers a personalized AI assistant that can be customized with a unique name, appearance, and widget color, among other options.One of the key features of Infobox is its capability to import content and train the AI assistant to maintain ownership and confidentiality.

Users can easily sync, deactivate, or delete data as needed to stay in control. The tool also facilitates collaborative information sharing, enabling users to integrate the AI assistant on their websites or share its link internally with colleagues and friends for easy collaboration on a common knowledge source.With Infobox, businesses can streamline their customer support by deploying a website-ready AI assistant, which can be easily installed using provided code.

The tool ensures end-to-end encryption when importing files from various sources into the private database, offering enhanced security.Furthermore, Infobox allows users to optimize their assistant by retraining it with new or updated data, enhancing its performance over time.

The knowledge sharing functionality of the tool enables users to collaborate and share their expertise with colleagues and friends.Infobox emphasizes proactive data protection, ensuring privacy and security within its functionalities.

The tool also offers seamless integration with users' favorite tools and apps, delivering unified end-to-end experiences.Developed by Xureal, Infobox demonstrates their commitment to reshaping the digital landscape and empowering humanity through technology.


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