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The platform for your email marketing needs.
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Infomail serves as an email marketing and newsletter platform designed primarily for businesses, startups, and nonprofits. This platform incorporates artificial intelligence to create original text content for newsletters, product descriptions, and social media posts in over 50 languages.

Infomail features a smart AI editor capable of generating text that users can then personalize and incorporate into their newsletters. It also allows the design of unique business templates and the management of sending functionalities in a secure manner.

Compliant with GDPR, Infomail prioritizes privacy and security. Additional features include transactional email and SMTP relay services. It also offers integration possibilities with other services for higher convenience.

The platform also seems to provide a high level of support for its users, continuously releasing updates, offering dedicated training and documentation.

Potential users can register to use Infomail services free to start with, with other price options available.


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Pros and Cons


GDPR compliant
Data privacy prioritized
Transactional email services
Supports over 50 languages
Personalized email generation
Integration with third-party tools
Generates comprehensive analytics
Newsletter creation capabilities
Secure and reliable platform
Continuously updated
Free to start
Dedicated training/documentation provided
Manage emails securely
Generate original content text
Email templates design
Business-specific template options
Supports multilingual content
Includes SMTP relay services
Natively supports product descriptions
Facilitate social media posts
Offers dedicated customer support
Suitable for businesses/startups/nonprofits


Limited third-party integrations
No mobile app
No split testing feature
Not compatible with all browsers
Limited template range
Missing multichannel strategy capabilities
No 24/7 customer support
No free unlimited plan
No custom email server setup


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Does Infomail comply with GDPR regulations?
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How does Infomail's AI generate text for newsletters and social media posts?
What languages are supported by Infomail?
How can I design unique business templates with Infomail?
What is Infomail's SMTP relay service?
What are the pricing options for Infomail?
What kind of support does Infomail offer its users?
How can I register to use Infomail services?
What level of security does Infomail provide for email marketing?
How can Infomail help me upgrade my email marketing strategy?
Can I create multilingual content with the help of Infomail's AI?

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