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Every student's personal AI tutor-Free Plagiarism Checker
Generated by ChatGPT introduces a groundbreaking AI Detector tool, further expanding its suite of AI-powered functionalities designed to streamline and enhance writing, problem-solving, and various creative tasks.

This platform offers a comprehensive solution for tackling math word problems, generating well-structured essays, and ensuring texts are free from grammatical and spelling errors.

The addition of the AI Detector tool elevates's capability to promote content authenticity, its paraphrasing tool for enhancing originality, and an email writer to polish professional communications.

It also simplifies content review with a summarizer feature, supports coding enthusiasts with a question solver, and assists job seekers by improving resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn bios.

For content creators, it includes tools for plagiarism checking and crafting speeches, blog posts, stories, and poems. is an invaluable resource for students and professionals alike, offering a cost-effective approach to boosting writing skills and overall productivity.


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Inkey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 12th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Comprehensive writing assistance
Specialized tools for essay parts
Effective paraphraser and summarizer
Coding question solver
Job application assistance
Generates discussions board responses
LinkedIn bio generator
Helps create speeches, stories and poems
Cost-effective solution
Improves writing skills
Boosts productivity
Trusted by millions
Diverse selection of tools
Blog posts generation
Suitable for academic writing
Effective content refining
Efficient for homework
Good for resume building
Simplifies email composing
Aids cover letter preparation


Limited to essay writing
No real-time collaboration feature
No multi-language support
No offline mode
Missing custom formatting options
Lacks integration with academic databases
No citation and reference generator
No text-to-speech functionality
Limited to students, not professionals


What exactly is
How does's AI Essay Writer feature work?
What specific tools does have to assist in writing projects?
What are the capabilities of the Paraphraser provided by
How can's Summarizer tool help improve my writing?
Does provide help in writing different parts of an essay? If yes, how?
Do I need coding skills to use's Classroom Tools?
Can assist in job applications and how?
Does have a tool to help me improve my LinkedIn bio?
Can generate speeches and stories as well?
What kind of assistance does's creative writing tool provide?
What user benefits does market?
Are there any costs associated with using and its tools?
Is the platform user-friendly for students?
How does help with academic writing?
Can help improve writing productivity?
How does simplify the essay writing process?
What kind of content can's AI tools generate besides essays?
Can help with homework?
How reliable has been rated by previous users?

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