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Entity SEO tool for content, schema, Internal linking & Social Media.
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Inlinks Entity SEO Tool - InLinks is a comprehensive solution targeting search engine optimization, content enhancement, and social media management. This tools key features include the ability to automatically deploy crucial SEO elements at scale, optimize content for both search engines and users, and rapidly update pages.

It also simplifies internal linking by automatically creating and optimizing internal links, thereby enhancing the contextual relevance of your site's content.

Further, it augments your content strategy with entity-based page and site graph optimization, using its built-in knowledge graph to interpret content and communicate entities in a way that search engines understand.

Besides, it provides content optimization guidance based on competitors' content, suggesting structured content briefs encompassing in-depth topic maps, entities and their associated concepts, and more.

The tool even incorporates an AI Content Writing Assistant for drafting content. Additionally, its keyword research facet offers in-depth exploration of keywords and queries, presenting contextually relevant keyword research based on dynamic data.

Lastly, it enables the creation, scheduling, and posting of content across multiple social media platforms, thus providing an all-round solution for your digital marketing needs.


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Apr 16, 2024
Good morning! Ready to tackle the day with energy and enthusiasm!
Mar 25, 2024
InLinks is one of the only tools that REALLY understands entities. It can automate your internal linking and place schema in just a few clicks. The content writing ai is second to none and provides an incredible amount of research so you can get unique and useful content.
Mar 25, 2024
InLinks is absolutely amazing for content optimization, internal linking and schema . I love how it prompts you to optimize for the entities/topics Google recognizes, not just keywords. The internal linking automation saves several hours every month especially with the RSS feed that automatically adds links to your blog as you post new content. All round brilliant tool!
Mar 24, 2024
Internal linking automation with Inlinks is a huge time saver, being entity based the tool uses semantically related terms and synonyms for anchor texts. Thanks to its powerful NLP algorithm, you'll go beyond mere keyword optimization and tap into the entities you need to cover within a piece of content. Inlinks also comes with a handy AI tool which is piloted by the topics it detects, a great way of generating AI that's optimized for entities.
Mar 24, 2024
This is a no-brainer for people who look to automate their internal linking. Internal linking can be a real pain if you try to do it manually or scale. This solutions relieves all that pain and does it for you in the best way possible. The setup is super-easy and intuitive. I highly recommend this tool to anyone. It's not only about internal links though, it lets you do some SEO research and entities mapping and create content instructions and verify that your content is not missing out in terms of entities and associated queries and all that stuff people are usually looking for. Just try it.

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InLinks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Automatically deploys SEO elements
Optimizes content for search engines
Rapidly updates pages
Automates internal linking
Contextual relevance enhancement
Site graph optimization
Entity-based optimization
Knowledge graph interpretation
Competitor's content insight
Provides structured content briefs
Content suggestion system
In-depth keyword exploration
Contextually relevant keyword research
Content posting on social media
Dynamic data usage
SEO and social media management
Easy content deployment mechanism
Quick site update capability
Social media content management
Optimized internal links creation
Augments content strategies
Content & site graph optimization
Built-in entity interpretation
Comprehensive keyword research
Text and anchor text optimization
Competitor content-based guidance
Full-fledged digital marketing solution
Topic map considerations
Associated concepts for entities
Content Optimization guidance
Topic mapper in content audits
Automated schema markup
JavaScript-based functionality
Contextually relevant internal linking
Semantically relevant entities clustering
Page and grow options
API Access
Unlimited Topic Trends data
Unlimited projects and users
Customer login options
Dedicated account management


No free unlimited plan
No support for multiple languages
Limited social media automation
Requires Javascript for internal links
Content updates required for SEO
Automated schema markup only
No personalized results analysis
Limited to 40K pages per site
Additional costs for enterprise features


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Can you elaborate on how Inlinks utilizes its built-in knowledge graph?
Does Inlinks provide content optimization guidance based on competitors' content?
How can Inlinks help in creating structured content briefs?
What advantages does the AI Content Writing Assistant from Inlinks bring to content creation?
How does the keyword research feature of Inlinks work?
Does Inlinks allow scheduling and posting content across multiple social media platforms?
How does the content strategy augmentation feature offered by Inlinks work?
How does Inlinks enable rapid updating of webpages?
Can Inlinks help me understand the concepts of entities and their associations?
How does Inlinks interpret the content and communicate it in a way that search engines understand?
Can I use Inlinks for in-depth exploration of keywords and queries?
What does the social media management feature of Inlinks include?
Are there any prerequisites for using Inlinks Entity SEO Tool?
How does Inlinks ensure the creation of contextually relevant internal links?
Does Inlinks Entity SEO Tool incorporate any AI elements or features in its functionality?

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