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InsertChat is an AI-driven chatbot creation tool. It allows businesses and agencies to implement chatbots that represent their brand and interact with data specific to their enterprise.

The platform provides features that support the construction and deployment of AI chatbots across a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to administrative, agriculture, charity, automotive, banking & finance, commerce & trade, construction, customer support, e-commerce, education, healthcare, home services, industry, insurance, real estate, recruitment, tourism, transport & logistics.

It is flexible and adaptable, capable of serving the unique needs of each industry. Additionally, the platform also offers whitelabel solutions for resellers and agencies who wish to provide AI-powered chatbots as a part of their own services.

Users can access a demo to understand the working of the chatbots better. This user-oriented chatbot creator is committed to delivering conversational AI solutions that improve customer interactions, automate administrative tasks, and enhance user engagement across multiple categories.


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InsertChatGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized chatbot experiences
Unlimited chat widget creation
Customized chat behavior
Fully customizable interface
Integration with latest ChatGPT model (3.5 Turbo)
User-friendly cloud fine-tuning
Real-time chatbot adjustment
Affordable, transparent pricing
Data ownership
Bring your own API keys
Customizable tools and integrations
Industry-specific prompts
No-branding interface
Pre-existing tool integration
Customizable user experience
Unlimited widget embedding
Unrestricted usage
Specific task functionality
Real-time behavior adjustment
Customizable chat appearance
Control over data and usage


Requires user-provided API Keys
Complex fine-tuning process
Limited pre-defined tool options
Somewhat complex for beginners
Possibly excessive customization
Dependent on latest GPT model
No available support team


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Does InsertChatGPT have hidden fees or usage restrictions?
Who has ownership over the data collected through InsertChatGPT?
What flexibility does InsertChatGPT provide in the context of using my own API keys?
How does InsertChatGPT enable customization of industry-specific prompts?
Can I apply a no branding policy on my chat widget with InsertChatGPT?
Is InsertChatGPT integratable with other tools like Ads writer or reviews generator?
How InsertChatGPT's pricing compares to its competitors?
What does unlimited usage in InsertChatGPT mean?
How is the chat interface of InsertChatGPT different from its competitors?
Can I adjust the behavior of InsertChatGPT in real-time?
Does InsertChatGPT offer any pre-defined widgets?
Is there a fine-tuning option in InsertChatGPT?
What does the cloud fine-tuning feature in InsertChatGPT do?
How to create custom tools and integrations in InsertChatGPT?
Does InsertChatGPT offer a free-trial period?

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